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Title: Angel of Revelation
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing/Charaters: Sam/Gabriel, Lucifer
Genre: drama, double drabble, rescue, established romance
Warnings: None
Word Count: 200
Summary: Sam requests a last kiss, but he doesn't want it from Lucifer
Note: Written for [ profile] eight_demands last year as part of [ profile] fandom_stocking. Never posted here so I'm trying to get things cleaned up before this year's round of Christmas gifts. :)

Angel of Revelation

"Wait," Sam wheezed, holding his side against the bone deep ache there. "Before I…" he paused, took a deep breath, and tried again. "Before this… Aren't I entitled to a last kiss?"

Lucifer smiled, cold and delighted. "Of course, Sam. I can deny you nothing. One last kiss and we'll be together forever."

Lucifer leaned in slowly, and Sam recoiled in horror. But before he could clarify his request, Gabriel's hand clamped down on Lucifer's shoulder.

"He meant from me, bro," Gabriel said, cheerful and smiling, but every inch a Warrior of God.

Lucifer reared back, more in surprise than from the force of Gabriel's grip, Sam thought, and stared at his brother blankly. "What?"

Gabriel ignored him, all of his attention on Sam. He walked around Lucifer and leaned in, assuming Lucifer's position of seconds earlier.

This kiss Sam met eagerly, lips and tongues clashing and dancing in a familiar battle as Grace flowed from Gabriel, healing Sam's wounds.

Gabriel winked at Sam as they parted. He threw a smirk over his shoulder. "You know," he said pleasantly, "this has been my favorite revelation ever." And with a flap of his wings, he whisked them both back to safety.

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