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I fully expect this list to be a constant work in progress. Feel free to drop your personal favorites in the comments. Most of these are slash, because that's my personal preference. Couples all noted.

*Added since last update. Last update 5-13-09

Lost Galaxy All Leo/Kai unless noted.

*Andrea ([personal profile] starandrea)
5 Times Mistletoe Might Have Been Involved Est. PG. A mistletoe misunderstanding accidentally outs Kai and Leo to Mike. Conspiracy theories and children in Santa hats abound. Written for me! ^_^

Meg ([personal profile] megthelegend)
The Little Things Est. G. Arguments always degenerate eventually. With Leo, they degenerate all too quickly. Everything Leo/Kai should be - sweet, funny, and full of snark!

Mouse ([ profile] m14mouse)
Chocolate and Rum T. Damon/Mike friendship or preslash with background Kai/Leo and Maya/Kendrix. While the others are out on a double date, Mike and Damon bond. The story of Kai/Leo is wonderful without taking the spotlight away from Mike and Damon. Now with a sequel!

Time Force All Wes/Eric unless noted.

[personal profile] angel_negra
Third Time First time(s). R. Wes and Eric's first three kisses, or Wes's persistence pays off. Wes as the pursuer is so awesome. Fun, funny and sweet.

Cmar ([personal profile] cmar)
Booty Call First time. NC-17. The hunt for a mutant in the present forces Wes and Eric to relive memories of the past, and just may change their future. Sexy and heartbreaking and romantic in all the right amounts in all the right places.
Turns in the Road R. Their story, from prep school to twenty years in the future. What I love best about the series is that each story could stand alone and most are a different genre - scifi, mystery, romance, etc. It's hard to choose, but I think my favorite part is Fall from Grace, a true Ranger adventure complete with the whole team and a trip to the future.

Ninja Storm Various, because my favorite ship is actually het here.

[personal profile] serpentine85
Storm Driven and Storm Charged Shane/Hunter. PG-13. Powerful and sensual. Serpentine paints gorgeous, graphic pictures with her words. Seriously, she'll take your breath away.

SPD All Jack/Sky unless noted.

*Andrea ([ profile] starhawkfic)This list shows great restraint. Go read everything. You won't regret it.
Pray Me Home 2 3 4 4.5 5. AU. Sequel to [ profile] scifislasher's Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow. Sky's memory has been messed with and Jack wants to make it right, no matter the cost. With cameos by Kai and Maya! Words cannot express my love. I want to squee just thinking about it.
The Seduction of Schuyler Tate R. Jack can make anything happen. Part of the Redemption of A-Squad. Excuse me while I fangirl all over it.
Team Building with Jack Landors R. A sequel/continuation of The Seduction of Schuyler Tate. The redemption of A-Squad continues with lots of new twists and turns. WIP.

Anita ([ profile] anitabuchanan)
Obsessive Est. T. Jack knows exactly how to handle Sky's anal-retentiveness. Great characterizations in a hilarious story.
Three Weeks Est. NC-17. PWP. Jack greets Sky after a three week separation. Sexy, yet sweet.

Foggynite ([ profile] foggyscribbles)
Distorted within Est. PG-13. One year postseason end, Jack and Sky find themselves redefining their relationship after a case goes wrong. Amazing, amazing drama and character piece with the relationship being a major focus, but not the only one.

[ profile] kavidawn
* Against regulations PG. A comment fic where Jack finds his team with a bottle of tequila. Something he's pretty sure is against regulations.

Kikos ([ profile] ficsbykikos)
Top Five Ways Sky Says I Love You to Jack First time. The Jack-like ways that he proclaims his affections, with some help from his team of course. KK doesn't even write Jack/Sky! But she totally could, as this story proves.

Meg ([personal profile] megthelegend)
Fine, I'll do It Gen, Sky-centric. PG-13. Sky's always been one to honour a bet. No matter how damn stupid it might be. This right here, is so Sky. ::giggle::

[ profile] scifislasher/[ profile] scifisentai It was really hard to limit myself. Do yourself a favor and just go read it all.
Ars Amatorium drabbles Connected drabbles from the ars amatorium challenge. Post series. Jack resigns. He and Sky deal with it and move on. A realistic way things could have gone without just handwaving the Ally situation.
So. Doomed. NC-17. Jack's POV as he tries and fails to convince himself that they're just friends with benefits. Great Jack voice.
Survival Mechanisms and its sequel Recovery Mechanisms Est. R. When Sky disappears on what should have been a routine patrol it becomes a race against time to find him. When they find him however, he's not exactly the same. It's a mystery, it's a romance, it's scifi, it's just amazing.

[ profile] tsukino_akume
Impacted Est. PG-13. A post-Impact story with Jack and Sky dealing with the emotional fallout.

Jungle Fury

M.L. Shards
Quirky Gen. Theo, Casey, and Lily go out for a day of hanging out and shopping, and discover that their powers have taken liberty with certain… choices in their lives... So, so funny. And true!

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