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Title: Wake Up Calls
Fandom: Power Rangers - MMPR
Pairing: Rocky/Adam/Aisha
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Rocky likes to sing to them in bed
Note: Written for [ profile] 5trueloves

Wake Up Calls

Rocky liked to wake them with singing. Eighties love ballads were his preference. This morning’s selection was We Belong by Pat Benatar. Adam could feel Rocky’s chest moving beneath his head as he bellowed out the cheesy chorus. In response to this annoyance, Adam flipped over and buried his face in the neck of his other bed partner.

“Make him stop,” Adam groaned.

You make him stop,” Aisha mumbled sleepily throwing an arm over Adam to slap ineffectually at the source of noise. “It’s your fault he does this.”

Unfortunately, Adam couldn’t argue with that. The first time he had awoken in this particular tangle of limbs he ran away and refused to see his best friends for the remainder of the weekend. Rocky had responded by following Adam around school singing Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go until he agreed to talk.

The regrettable side effect of this was that now Rocky felt the need to remind Adam why running was a bad idea on the rare occasions the three of them got to spend the night together. Adam had no intention of making the same mistake twice, but he let Rocky sing. He usually found it kind of sweet. Today was not one of those days.

Rocky rolled over Adam and snuggled down between his two friends. “Come on guys, it’s time to get up. Adam and I have to check in with our parents before they check with each other and discover that we’re not staying with each other.”

“Are so together,” Adam protested.

“Okay, not just with each other then,” Aisha said as she sat up. “We should get going anyway. My parents will be home soon and we have a lot to do today.”

Adam gave in to the inevitable and woke up fully. Aisha was right. It was time to get ready for the ninja tournament finals.

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