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Thank you everyone for your support and kind words in response to my last post. ::hugs to all::

Thank you to those special people who gave me virtual cookies and hot cocoa. Now I feel all warm and cozy in spite of the weather.

Title: Five Letters
Fandom: SG-1
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: R
Genre:Five things, angst, romance
Warnings: Bad language and butchered Italian from babelfish posing as Ancient
Word Count: 621
Summary: A response to Five letters Jack wrote but never sent over at [community profile] sg_five_things
Note: Follow the link and read them all; they're excellent.

1 - Dear Dr. Jackson



How are things on sunny Abydos these days? I hope married life is treating you better than it did me. Sara rightly decided to leave my sorry ass. Can’t say I blame her; our life was always more secrets than truth by the end and then Charlie…

This is stupid. My therapist A friend suggested I write a letter to work through my feelings on the divorce but not send it. Stupid, right? But hey, who better to write an unsendable (is that a word? Whatever? You’re never seeing this anyway) to than someone who’ll I never see again anyway.

I’m retired now. Spend my days fishing and my nights looking up at the sky searching for Abydos. I’ve no idea why I can’t get it and Skaara and you off my mind. But I hope you’re all well and happy. Take care of that kid, alright. He’s got a troublemaker look about him, and you’re bound to be a terrible influence.

Wish I was there


2 - Daniel –

Se questa è l'ultima cosa coerente che lo produco appena voglialo sapere… Ah, inferno, I don' la t sa. Grazie. Per l'aiuto me attraverso il questo e tutto.

Amo la cura circa il sogno circa

Scopilo. Eravate un buon amico.



Daniel - If this is the last coherent thing I write, I want you to know… Ah hell, I don't know. Thanks. For helping me through this and everything.

I love care about dream about

Fuck it. You were a good friend.


3 - Daniel –

I’m so, so sorry about Sha’re. Words aren’t my thing. I don’t know what to say to make this better. Although I suppose if I found magical words to heal pain I’d be rich instead of a lowly Colonel pining away for his grieving best friend.

Just…I’m here. We’re all here. And I promise to listen with minimal annoying interruptions if you need to talk. Or need to be held, feel loved and treasured

Your friend,

Damn it. I can’t send this anyway.

I love you,

4 – Daniel –

I am an ass. Forgive me anyway.

Your sorry ass,

5 – Baby –

Your name is cleared. Jonas – the weasel – came clean and is now seeking asylum with the SGC. He thinks you’re a goddamn hero. Which, yeah, you are, but I’m pissed off at you right now and in no mood to think about your so-called virtues.

That’s a lie. Though I wish to God it were true. Anger is a much nicer feeling than the pain you've left me.

I hate you Daniel Jackson.

Come back.

Still yours,

Daniel smiled as he read the last of the letters he’d found on the nightstand under his glasses when he’d woken up. Leave it to Jack to sweet talk him with foul language and angry words. He set the letters back down and padded down the hall – still barefoot and bare-chested – to the kitchen.

Jack was standing at the counter, watching coffee drip into the pot. He didn’t turn around at Daniel’s entrance, and Daniel took advantage of the pose to slip in behind him, wrapping both arms around to pull Jack tight against him.

Daniel hooked his chin over Jack’s left shoulder and pressed their cheeks together. “Most people say it with flowers.”

Jack leaned into the touch with a laugh. “Most people aren’t trying to say it to a linguist.”

“Trying to seduce me with language?”

“Is it working?”

Daniel pretended to consider. “Appeal to the archaeologist in me by digging up some breakfast, and I’ll be yours forever.”

Jack leaned back to press a kiss to Daniel’s stubbly cheek. “Sweet.”

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muck_a_luck: (JD)
From: [personal profile] muck_a_luck
Poor Jack - so forlorn all those years. But he wins in the end, so yay! Daniel doesn't get off too shabby, either! :D


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