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Title: The Good Stuff
Fandom: House, with a slight PRiS crossover
Pairing: House/Wilson, Zhane/Andros/Ashley implied
Rating: PG
Genre: Est. relationship, crack, humor, fluff
Warnings: Crack, posted while half asleep. :)
Word Count: 340
Summary: House gives Zhane something to help Andros sleep. Wilson objects.
Note: For [personal profile] rosabelle as part of this meme, but based mostly on her post about the advisability of Zhane drugging Andros for being a angsty over Ashley.

The Good Stuff

House handed a little orange bottle to the silver blond kid Wilson had spied waiting outside of House’s office. “Just slip one of these into his nightcap and he’ll be out for at least eight hours.”

The kid flashed a dazzling, self-assured grin before thanking House and walking away, bottle gripped tightly in his fist. Wilson waited until the silver haired guy (seriously, his hair was unnaturally white for someone that young) had gotten into the elevator before he turned his attention back to his friend.

“House, did you just give that kid a sedative so that he could drug someone against their will?” Wilson was more amused than upset, which probably meant he was finally falling under House’s evil influence. House would be so pleased.

House smiled and answered, “Wilson, he’s an alien. His alien boyfriend hasn’t been sleeping ever since their girlfriend – who is a hot Earth girl – got hurt fighting off alien monsters.”

There was only one possible response to that statement. “What?”

“I said he’s an alien…”

Wilson held up both hands with a quick headshake. “Nevermind. Just stop contributing to juvenile delinquency.”

“Wilson,” House said, managing to look both crushed and disapproving at the same time, “he’s doing it for love.”

“Ah, I’d forgotten what a supporter of young love you are.”

“Love in all its many and varied forms,” House corrected.

Wilson shook his head again, but didn’t try to hide his smile. “So you gave him the good stuff out of the kindness of your heart.”

“Wilson, didn’t you hear me? He’s an alien. From the planet KO-35. I think he’s already on the good stuff.”

“Admit it,” Wilson goaded, “you just wanted to help the guy to help his boyfriend because you’re a hopeless romantic at heart.”

House scowled. “Maybe I just wanted to help along the hot alien threesome.”

Wilson considered that for a moment. “Nah, you could care less about threesomes. You don’t like to share.”

House grinned and leaned down for a quick and dirty kiss. “Don’t forget it.”

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Date: 2010-03-17 05:36 am (UTC)
rosabelle: closeup of andros/zhane hug with the caption love (house - house/wilson - still not boring)
From: [personal profile] rosabelle

I can't breathe.

Oh my gosh, you are fantastic. ♥♥♥

What's amazing is how plausible this is. o.O Poor Andros...


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