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Title: Bonding through Bondage
Fandom: Power Rangers: SPD/DT
Characters: Jack and Conner
Genre: Humor
Warnings: Silliness
Word Count: 419
Summary: Jack finds a stranger in Bridge and Sky's room
Note: Written for [personal profile] defeatedbyabridge as part of this meme. She asked for SPD/DT, Conner & Jack bondage -- uh, bonding and this is the silliness my brain produced instead. Enjoy!

Bonding through Bondage

Jack circled his captive slowly, enjoying both the sight of the tall, lanky youth tied securely to Sky’s desk chair and the knowledge that he’d captured the criminal by himself.

“Dude! For the millionth time, I do not work for Grumm! I’m a Ranger, like you!” The other man whined, tossing his head back to get his long hair out of his face. Jack had to admit that neither the shiny hair nor the whining were particularly evil characteristics, but Grumm’s minions were a diverse lot, so that proved nothing.

“Sorry dude, but I think I know my own teammates and you are not a Ranger.” Jack stopped suddenly as a thought occurred to him. He leaned down to peer into the other man’s face doubtfully. “Unless you’re A-squad?”

“Jack,” the kid – Conner – groaned, letting his head drop against the back of the chair with a dull thud. “Haven’t you studied your Ranger history? I’m a Dino Thunder Ranger – Red – from the past!”

Jack frowned; because, no, he hadn’t studied his Ranger history. Sky kept trying to make him learn, and Jack kept finding ways to avoid the lesson. “If you’re from the past, how come you know who I am?”

“Because when I landed on my ass out of nowhere the guy who lives here, Bridge, waved his hand at me and decided I was telling the truth. Then he proceeded to tell me all about SPD and all his favorite Rangers of the past and his teammates and lots of other stuff. That guy can talk, you know? Then his roommate – a grumpy guy in blue that must be Sky – showed up and insisted I wait here while they went to talk to someone named Doggy. Then you showed up and jumped me and here we are,” Conner finished, slightly out of breath.

Before Jack could decide whether or not he believed that, the door opened to reveal Bridge and Sky returning with the Commander.

Jack jumped to attention but resisted the urge to salute as he said, “Sir, I caught this intruder in Sky’s room and apprehended him.”

“And are you aware of this man’s identity, Cadet?”

Cruger’s tone implied that he already knew the answer to that, but Jack answered anyway. “Conner McKnight – Dino Thunder Red Ranger.”

“Excellent, then would you mind explaining to me why he’s still tied to that chair?”

“No problem, Sir,” Jack answered with a wicked grin. “We were just engaging in a little bondage – bonding. It’s a Red Ranger thing.”

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Date: 2010-03-26 04:41 am (UTC)
defeatedbyabridge: (Default)
From: [personal profile] defeatedbyabridge
<3! Aw, this is hilarious and cute and thank you!!!

Jack's so *evil*. (:D)


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