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Title: Five things Daniel wants to do before he dies (for good)
Fandom: SG-1 (Jack/Daniel)
Rating: PG
Summary: It’s umm…it’s fanfiction. Danning/Levant slash fanfiction to be exact
Note: Written for the latest prompt challenge over at [ profile] sg1_five_things. I adore this comm!

Five Things Daniel wants to do before he dies (for good)

1. Prove that amor vincit omnia (love conquers all)

*See Abyss

2. Learn to like fishing

Jack was content in his folding chair, fishing pole loosely gripped in one hand. Daniel, however, preferred lying on the dock with his books and papers spread out in front of him. The laid-back atmosphere at the cabin wasn’t really conducive to any strenuous research, but he was trying to entertain himself without distracting Jack. As much as he tried to like it, Daniel thought fishing was a little boring. But fishing made Jack happy; therefore, Jack fishing made Daniel happy.

Giving up on even the pretense of studying, Daniel rolled over. He closed his eyes and basked in the sun, occasionally shifting and stretching lazily.

“Would you cut that out?” The hunger in Jack’s voice startled Daniel. He opened his eyes and found the other man’s attention riveted to the thin strip of skin that had been exposed by his movements.

Daniel put on his best ‘confused’ faced and coyly asked, “Cut what out Jack? Man, it’s getting hot out here.” With that he slowly peeled off his T-shirt and jeans, revealing the bathing trunks underneath. He pretended not to notice Jack’s wide-eyed stare next to him.

Standing up, Daniel turned to face the lake. He bent over, with an unnecessary shake of his ass, and dipped his hand in the water. He straightened up and rubbed his wet hand absently across his chest.

“I think I’ll go for a swim later. It’ll be so nice to feel the water drip…”

Where the water was going to drip to was lost to the ether as Jack jumped him. Seconds before Jack’s hand reached under Daniel’s trunks the thought occurred to the archaeologist that he maybe fishing wasn’t so dull after all.

3. Tell Jack his BIG SECRET

“Daniel, what is this?”

Daniel jumped at the sound of Jack’s voice, almost falling out of his chair in surprise. A steadying hand on his shoulder was all that kept him seated.

“Jack! When did you get in?” Daniel said in a too-loud voice, trying desperately to shut his laptop without Jack noticing.

Unfortunately, Jack could be very single-minded when something caught his attention. He moved his hand from Daniel’s shoulder to his hand and bent closer to the screen so he could read the words out loud.

Dr. Levant lapped gently at the rapidly hardening nub…” Jack trailed off and looked at Levant’s inspiration in disbelief. “Let me try that again. Daniel, what in the hell is this?”

Daniel licked his lips nervously. “It’s umm…it’s fanfiction. Danning/Levant slash fanfiction to be exact.” Deciding to just get it over with Daniel continued. “I’m archiving all my work on my livejournal.”

Jack turned his gaze from the fascinating words on the screen to his best friend. “YOU wrote this?”

“Yes,” Daniel answered a bit defensively. He watched as Jack read the rest of the PWP he’d just uploaded. “What do you think?”

“I think this sounds suspiciously familiar,” Jack teased.

Daniel fought down a smile and kept his tone serious. “It’s important to do research to produce a quality piece of work.”

“Yeah,” Jack mused as he clicked on the cut for another story. As he read his hand unconsciously strayed to his thigh.

Daniel waited until his…interest in the story was painfully obvious and asked, “Want to help me research my next piece?”

4. Go to Atlantis

“No,” Jack said as he skimmed over Daniel’s list.

“But Jack, it’s no longer…”


Daniel took the list back and revised the item to Visit Atlantis.


“Oh come on, just a visit? I’ll just stay a few days. You won’t even notice I’m gone.”

“I’ll notice. You’ll get caught up in something. A few days will turn into a few weeks, then months, and before I know it I’m alone in my house with too many books written in languages I don’t read and a serious case of blue balls.”

Daniel sighed and revised the item again. Visit Sam

“Do I look stupid to you? Don’t answer that. Unless you’re tacking ‘when she gets back’ to the end of that, you can just forget it.”

Daniel scowled in annoyance. “I don’t actually need your permission to go. That’s what happens when you accept transfers to Washington.”

“I could tie you up in the basement and make sure everyone thought I had you on assignment off-world. That’s also what happens when you accept transfers to Washington.”

“Jack,” Daniel said in a defeated tone. “You know how badly I want this. I promise on all the rest of my lives to come back. I swear I’ll come home.” Jack flinched, and a light bulb went on in Daniel’s head. He was torn between exasperation and guilt, “I’m not going to die again.” When Jack raised a skeptical eyebrow at him he quickly amended, “Probably.”

“Things seem to be pretty dangerous out there,” Jack reminded him.

“Things can be pretty dangerous here too,” Daniel said mildly. “I could die crossing the street.”

“Except you never do die crossing the street. And maybe I’m tired of waiting for you to get over your latest death.”

Daniel heaved the sigh of the martyred and changed the list one last time. When it’s safe, take Jack to Atlantis.

5. Watch Jack walk Cassie down the aisle

“The fact that the Jaffa wear a prominent mark proclaiming their allegiance to their god is really quite significant...” Daniel was lecturing at Jack. He had been for a good half-hour now, and Jack, for the life of him, couldn’t figure out what had sparked it.

One minute they’d been discussing Cassie’s wedding with Sam and Teal’c, and suddenly Daniel was going on about different types of markings – religious, tribal, ceremonial. Jack was mentally replaying the previous conversation trying to get caught up when he realized that Daniel had stopped talking. In fact Daniel was now looking at him expectantly.

Having no idea what he was responding to, Jack ventured “That’s really interesting?” He knew instantly that he’d said the wrong thing as Daniel’s face closed, and the younger man stormed off. Shooting a bewildered look at his lover’s retreating back Jack turned to his former teammates. “What did I miss?”

Sam shook her head and gave Jack an affectionately exasperated look. Teal’c answered, “You did not seem to be giving Daniel Jackson’s speech the attention he felt it was due.”

“Yeah, T, I got that,” Jack bit back. Teal’c simply inclined his head. Sam stepped up to the plate.

“Sir, Daniel was explaining about the importance of markings,” she trailed off, obviously hoping this would be enough to get him on the right track. Jack stamped down his irritation and waved his arm to indicate she should continue. “Well, he was commenting about the tradition of wearing rings as a symbol of loyalty and fidelity…” Seeing Jack’s eyes being to go glassy again, she summarized. “Sir, I think Daniel was proposing.”

“Proposing what?” Jack asked automatically. Sam gave him an ‘are you stupid?’ look that she never would have dared even five years ago, and Jack finally understood. Without another word, he reached into his suit jacket and pulled out the black velvet box that he’d been carrying around for nearly a year, just waiting for the right moment.

“Well, I guess I’d better go apologize then.”
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