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Title: Stuck together (a Jam remix)
Remixed from: Jam
Recipient's name [ profile] arytra
Summary: Connor and Trent help Kira and Ethan kiss and make up.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kira/Trent/Connor/Ethan
Warning/Spoilers: None
Note: Posted for archiving purposes. Can also be found at [community profile] prficathons here. Comments are welcome in either place. :)

Stuck together (a Jam remix)

Trent heard the shouting before he'd gotten within three feet of the room. He frowned in confusion at the closed door in front of him: it sounded like Kira and Ethan were shouting. At each other. That was more than odd - if there was shouting involved it almost always involved Connor - or him. But usually Connor.

Warily cracking the door open, he could just make out Connor sitting on the couch, watching something on the other side of the room with slack jawed amazement. Presumably he was staring at the other half of their team. More than team actually - family, lovers, friends.

Pushing the door all the way open, Trent eased in quietly and went straight to the couch. When he settled on the floor, Connor automatically opened his legs so Trent could sit between them. He silently watched Kira and Ethan's screaming match for a few minutes before venturing, "How long have they been at it?"

Connor scooted forward on the couch so that he could wrap his long arms around Trent's chest and rest his head on top of Trent's hair. "About fifteen minutes."

"What are they...?" he asked helplessly.

"At this point? Right now? Jam, I think," Connor answered, sounding as bewildered as Trent felt.

"Really? Are you sure?" Not that Trent doubted his team leader and other half (other fourth?) but sometimes Connor misunderstood things. Connor was very intuitive, but occasionally he played the role of airhead jock a little too well.

A particularly loud comment from Kira reached them. "Strawberry is more sophisticated, and contains actual fruit!"

"Grape‘s a classic," Ethan retorted quickly.

"Pretty sure, yeah," Connor confirmed.

"Huh? How'd it start?" There had to be more to it than choice of preserves.

"Kira yelled at Ethan for stepping in front of her during the fight today," Connor explained. "Then Ethan said he wouldn't apologize for protecting the people he loved. Especially when those people weren't paying attention to their surroundings."

"Ouch," Trent winced.

"Yeah," Connor agreed before continuing. "There was yelling and then somehow, and dude, please don't ask me how, we ended up here - fighting about which toast topping is best."

"Okay," Trent said, leaning back and tipping his head up for a quick kiss, "so handcuffs?"

"Works on us," Connor agreed happily. It was true, the quickest way to end a fight involving the two of them was to bring out the handcuffs. One look at them and suddenly nothing they'd been fighting about seemed as important as getting naked. Right. Now.
Trent stood up and collected the fur lined toy from under the couch - where they'd ended up after their last use - and started toward his bickering lovers.

"No, wait," Connor objected. "Bring them here."

Trent turned around but stayed where he was halfway between Connor and the other two.
"I thought the idea was to stop the fight?"

"You don't think the two of us having fun will make them stop fighting and join us?" Connor asked with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

Trent grinned so big he thought his face might split in two. "You, sir, are a genius," he declared as he crossed back to the red ranger in three steps.

Connor took off his shirt and closed one side of the cuffs around his wrist as he answered.
"I know, but don't tell anyone. Everyone will start wanting things from me."

Trent, who had removed his own shirt while Connor was talking, closed the other end of the cuffs around his wrist and straddled Connor's lap before whispering his response
against the taller man's lips. "Nobody gets you but me."

“I think you mean us,” Ethan corrected as he and Kira joined them, already holding hands and shooting each other apologetic looks.

Trent shared a look of victory with Connor. “Yeah, I mean us.”

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