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Title: Guest List
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Genre: fluff, humor, comment fic
Warnings: None
Word Count: 261
Summary: Cas wants to invite all his siblings to the wedding. Dean objects.
Note: Cleaning up some stuff and found this comment fic from August that I hadn't archived on my own journal

Guest List

"No, you can't invite all your siblings!" Dean protested at Cas's tentative suggestion.

Castiel tipped his head to the side and blinked at Dean in honest confusion. "Why not?"

"For one," Dean said holding up a finger to illustrate, "lots of your brothers are dicks who have tried to kill, manipulate or inhabit some member of my family at one point or another. And two," a second finger went up, "where the hell would we put all of them?"

Cas frowned, "I've heard that it can be romantic to be married in the same location in which you first met your lover. However, I have no desire to be married in hell."

Dean pointed an accusing finger at Castiel. "Don't pull that shit with me, I know you understand that expression."

Cas ignored the allegation. "You are inviting all of your siblings," he pointed out stubbornly.

Dean was unimpressed. "All of my siblings can fit in the impala at one time."

"All of my siblings can fit on the head of a pin," Cas countered.

Dean rolled his eyes, but when Cas's face fell in dismay he knew there was no way to win the argument. He sighed in defeat. "Fine, just keep the pin from stabbing me in the ass."

Cas nodded solemnly and stepped closer to Dean , wrapping his arms around the hunter's waist to cup the ass in question. "I will protect what is mine," he promised.

Dean rolled his eyes again, but he was smiling when he leaned in to seal the deal with a kiss.

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