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Okay, so I finally ventured into writing my favorite reading material-and I started with my favorite couple.  I posted yesterday to [profile] prsw22, and I was nervous as all get out.  There is so much truly wonderful stuff in my favorite fandoms, that I was really afraid to lower the bar.  However I have gotten three very nice reviews-including two from a couple of my favorite writers!!!!  I have in the past read and not reviewed stories, but I am addicted to feedback now.  So I will endeavor to comment on everything now, and completely fill everybody's comment boxes :)  

I'll put the link for my story at the bottom of this entry, I don't want to clutter up flists by reposting it here.  Although, I might put it on [profile] prslashlater-is that overkill or a good idea?  I have already written my second story, and it actually includes kissing ::gasp::  I finished it way after midnight last night, so I need to reread it a few hundreds times before I can talk myself into posting it.  Thank you everyone for the wonderful stories that inspired me to try Jack/Sky myself, and for being so supportive that it seemed silly not to try sharing my stuff once it was written.

Kat looked up from her work as Jack barreled into the room with Sky close behind him. The lab technician noted with surprise that the rangers were in their civilian clothes. Less surprisingly, they seemed to be engaging in B Squad’s favorite pastime…arguing.  Neither man noticed the room was occupied. 
“I don’t think this is a good idea,”  Sky spoke fervently through clenched teeth.

 Jack responded in a tone that clearly implied this was not the first time Sky had expressed his opinion. “This is all your fault. I’m just trying to save our collective butt here. We’ll just ask Boom for help. He’ll fix this, and we’ll get back to ‘team building.” Kat could practically hear the quotes and eye roll that went with the red ranger’s words.

My fault?!” Sky exclaimed incredulously. “You’re the one who tried it on Syd first!”
“Yes, but I didn’t know it would work. I just wanted her to leave us alone for a few minutes.  You're the one who went all crazy, Mr-Thats-Against-SPD-Regulations. You were fully aware of the consequences when you…..” whatever it was Sky had done was lost as Jack became aware of the third presence in the room. 

“Kat! Hi! Ummm…what are you doing here? I thought you had that lecture…thingy today.” He smiled brightly, but Kat didn’t miss the way his right hand unconsciously strayed to cover his hip pocket.

The cat-like alien smiled back with equal sincerity (or lack-thereof), “My ‘lecture-thingy’ was cancelled. What have you two been up to?” She asked with a pointed look at Jack’s pocket.

Jack eyes widened comically, and Sky nudged him. Jack looked up and the two men locked eyes. Kat watched in wonder as they held an entire conversation using only eye contact and head tilts. She was mentally redesigning ranger helmets to allow for see-through and/or retractable visors when Sky pushed Jack towards her.

 "We ran into some trouble during today’s training exercise,” Jack started resignedly.

“You ran into trouble during a team building exercise?” Kat asked skeptically looking from Jack’s sheepish expression to Sky’s resolute one. Then a disturbing possibility crossed her mind. “Were you attacked? Did something happen to the other rangers? Have they been taken?”

"No, nothing like that,” Jack quickly assured her. “They’re fine, and we know exactly where they are.  What happened was that Sky and I snuck off for some one-on-one bonding.” The red ranger paused here to grin wolfishly while his blue counterpart groaned and hid his face in his hands.  

“Anyway,” B-squad’s leader continued, “Syd kept trying to drag us back to the others, and her interruptions were getting really annoying…so, well, I guess you could say that Sky and I lost control.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out three small objects. “Could you maybe fix this?”

Kat stared at Jack's hand for long time before letting out a long-suffering sigh, “I don’t think containing your teammates for annoying you counts as team-building in the Commander’s eyes.”

Sky couldn't contain his snort of laughter, and soon the other two joined in

And try the fanfic link to the right to read some of my older stuff-warning: straight teenagers in love

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I wouldn't worry about posting in both places, I know a couple of people that do that because not everyone watches both comms.

And trust me, you don't need to worry about the kissing, it made for wonderful reading. :)


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