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I fully expect this list to be a constant work in progress. Feel free to drop your personal favorites in the comments. Almost exclusively John/Rodney slash, all exceptions noted.

[ profile] argosy
Five Stories Jeannie Miller Tells (to Madison Miller and Evelyn Sheppard-McKay, and One Story That Isn't Hers To Tell) PG-13. kid!fic. Five stories that highlight key moments in John and Rodney's relationship. Angsty overtones, but I promise a happy ending.

[ profile] beachlass
On of those days G. Established. A ficlet about 'one of those days' and the power of kisses to make it a little better. Sweet, but not OTT fluff.

[ profile] beadattitude
Pilgrims' Hands Do Touch R. First time. An alien hand holding ceremony leads to a revelation. Beautifully tender and erotic hand holding followed by a very realistic misunderstanding that leads to the satisfying conclusion.

[ profile] cathalin
The Price That Life Exacts NC-17. kid!fic. After John's been missing a year, a woman is rescued with a child - John's child. The baby will only eat and sleep for Rodney. When John is rescued, things get even more complicated. Beautiful story. It haunts me in the best possible way, but be sure to check the warnings.

Chelle [ profile] mmmchelle/[ profile] chellefic
Catch 19 R. First time. Fake/arranged marriage trope. The IOA wants to replace John, but never fear, Rodney has a plan. Everything you could want in a McShep - hot, sweet, and funny.

[ profile] crysothemis
The Trouble with Endothermia NC-17. First time. Sleeping bag fic without the sleeping bag. The story features Rodney in all his bad-at-relationships insecure glory, John doing his level best to throw himself at Rodney, and you just may develop a chocolate kink.

[ profile] cupidsbow
Happily Ever After (the Pegasus remix) PG-13. First time. Rodney accidentally gets a matchmaking bracelet stuck on his wrist. John sweats it out while various people try to remove it. But I think we all know who holds the key to this problem. :)

[ profile] glasgowsmiles
First Sight First time. PG. John believes in love at first sight. Short and sweet tale of two times John has fallen in love at first sight.

[ profile] lantean_drift
There's New Ben and Jerry's? PG. Est. DADT fic. John brings some good news back from Earth.

[ profile] lavvyan
Now First time. PG. Completely out of the blue, Rodney experiences what can only be called a moment of "now or never." Short and sweet. A great feel-good fic.

Shallot ([ profile] astolat)
A Beautiful Lifetime Event Recced here. NC-17. First time. Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. It a love story in reverse. Baby-'marriage'-love. And by the time John realizes they could be having sex too, it's just the icing on the cake.
No Refunds or Exchanges NC-17. First time. Fake/arranged marriage trope. Rodney orders a mail order bride, tall, blonde, IQ of 150. John Sheppard is not what he had in mind, but it may just be what he needs. AU on Atlantis.

[ profile] sheafrotherdon
Torren and the Grumbles G. Est. Torren's point of view on a team night, cuddling with his Uncle Rodney and watching Uncle John watching them.

[ profile] sooksiepants
Attack Of The Giant Robot From Outer Space R. First time. Crack-y. John and Rodney get trapped in a closet by a robot. Unfortunately, Zelenka's there too. Hotness and hilarity ensue. Who can resist? Certainly not John Sheppard.

[ profile] velocitygrass
Every Day in Every Way Recced here. NC-17. First time. When a misunderstanding offworld reveals John's attraction, Rodney gets an idea, leading him to form some conclusions about himself and slowly, unconsciously turning their arrangement into something else.
Rules of Engagement NC-17. First time. Fake/arranged marriage trope. Rodney needs a spouse to gain access to a lab. John has nothing better to do with Atlantis gone. Besides it's only for a few months, unless John has something to say about it. Pining!John and Oblivious!Rodney, my favorites.

[ profile] wickedwords
The Spare NC-17. First time. Harlequin AU. John agrees to marry Rodney to secure the future of his cousin Elizabeth's empire. At the end of the year he can go back home or stay with his new husband. Okay, I have a sekrit love of Regency romances and arranged marriages. This is a great example of both. John and Rodney are still John and Rodney and it incorporates Atlantis, which I love in an AU.

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