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Just stopping by to pimp. Haven't left my own wishes yet. I have 5 things due for the holidays as is with fandom_stocking still looming. But I love Christmas so much. It's so tempting. And if some of you do it there's a larger chance my fandoms will by available for me to grant. (Hint, hint)

In other news, the assignment I thought was due last (not including Alpha) was actually due first. Oops! Luckily it was the easiest one for me to write (exactly who/what I like to write) so it's already off to beta. Yipee! And I've been super stoked for Alpha since I got it but I'm trying to put it off since it's not due til January. Now, if only I could get in the right mind frame for my other two assignments...

Happy Days all!
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It's a beautiful New Year! Nearly 70 here today and I'm on a writing tear. Filled three stockings tonight and poked around with an idea for [profile] jd_junkie's comment fic meme explaining the hows and whys of Jack telling Daniel that Jonas is a good man.

It's so wonderful to be writing freely again. I'm pretty sure I've covered everyone on my flist, but just in case - if you have a stocking, feel free to link me to it. I've got something like 12 hours until the reveal. Mine is here.

And yesterday I produced 1000 words toward my sign up for the McSheplets Still in Love.. with John and Rodney fest. Speaking of which - go sign up. :)

Lastly, I have received many wonderful gifts for Christmas, but only linked to two of them so far. Once the stockings and Alpha's magical exchange have gone lived, I will rectify that situation.

Good night. ♥
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Snagged from lots of places! It looked like fun.

I will post the names of all the files in my WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Choose one (1), and I will post a random line or two.

deancas christmas
cas birthday
family dinner

fortune cookie
first kisses

baby shower
surprise wedding
Daniel on Atlantis

first valentines

Power Rangers
kai love leo
drunken confessions

House (didn't even know I still had stuff in that folder!)
meeting family
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I just sent off my draft for my very first big bang. Somehow, I thought I'd feel relieved. I think I'm actually more nervous now.

RL sucks

Jul. 19th, 2011 07:39 pm
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I used to never do anything but post fic here, but as you've all become my friends I've found myself wanting to keep you in the loop. So just quickly, work has me busy and tired but at the end of the month I switch back over to the seasonal side of things. I like it better and for awhile it'll be less busy than I am currently. So put that in the yay column.

Cut for family health worries )

In fannish news, I'm so close to finishing my first big bang I can practically taste it. I'm also nearly done with my claim for smallfandomfest, and I finally started my mcshep_match story. I thought it was going to be part of a longer story, but it's actually standing pretty well on its own. But I'm going to shut up about it now so I don't give away which is mine.

Last, but certainly not least - I love you all. Thanks for being here and listening (reading).
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Just when I look at something and think about how it's the longest thing I've ever written, I click on a link for a story that is four times longer. :) Ah, well. Epic is relative?

Have I mentioned recently how much I love you all? Because I totally do.



Apr. 2nd, 2011 09:27 pm
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Click the banner to sign up

Yep, I signed up. Something about this fandom makes me write epic fics, as you'll see next week when my [ profile] dc_everafter fic goes up. Nevertheless, I'm nervous as all hell because my idea should be Dean/Cas with a side of Sam/Gabriel, but the Dean/Cas part isn't plotted out as the Sam/Gabriel stuff. Oh well, plenty of time for that, right?



Jul. 25th, 2010 09:58 pm
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My Lorne/Parrish - how Parrish got on Lorne's team just will not end!

I'd ask for help with it but I'm terrified it'll keep growing. D: /whining

How are you?

Prompt me!

Jul. 15th, 2010 09:21 pm
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I have finished my PR remix and sent my McShep_match to beta a whole week before they're due! I blame/credit this to I love that site - you don't have to use it for fic writing but I do highly recommend using it.

In celebration of my procrastination not getting the best of me (and to restock my pile of things to write 750 words about everyday) I'm taking prompts. \o/ I'll love you extra hard if they tie into one of my bingo cards, but they don't have to. You know my fandoms and pairings and I'm open to others.

I ♥ you!

PS - My author interview for [ profile] mcshep_play can be found here if anyone is interested.
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Did I tell you all I got a card?

Cause I totally did )

Don't judge me - there are at least four bingos that I'm aware of for which I did not get a card.

Also, a quote from [ profile] staringout that I loved:

Love the writing, love the writing, love the writing... the rest will follow. -- Jane Yolen


Jun. 29th, 2010 09:07 pm
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I think I wrote a Dean/Castiel [profile] schmoop_bingo fic for my yesterday instead of one of the three fics in my writing fandoms that are due in July. Ummm, oops?

Read this.

May. 7th, 2009 12:38 am
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I'm way too young to be this tired and sore, and I should be in bed.

But [personal profile] phinnia had a wonderful writing clickie that I just adored, and I know several people on my flist would probably find it helpful and/or inspiring as well.

The Dreaded Daily Word Count.

It's short - go check it out.
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I will shortly be taking over co-modding duties over at the [ profile] sg1_five_things  comm.  Which I'm very excited about, except that the name is a bit misleading.  We actually solicit prompts for both SG-1 and SGA, except we don't get many prompts or responses for the SGA.  As a new fan of the show, I'd really like the chance to read (and write) some more SGA, so I'm asking you all to help out.  There is currently a prompt called Five private places on Atlantis McKay has found to make out (with whomever).  So far, only I have responded to it.  Does anyone want to join me?  It can be just a straight list or five drabbles about the places or one story incorporating the five places.  All you do is leave your response as a comment; it will be screened until the unveiling tomorrow, but you can respond after that as well. 

And/or stop by and leave an SGA prompt here.  The prompts are also screened and you can comment anonymously in both the responses and the prompts.  And/or while your there respond to any of the older prompts.  They never close, and I'd love to see what you come up with.  Feel free to pimp this to other Atlantis fans on your flist.  Please?  I'm begging here.  Here's hoping there's more than just my response waiting there when I get back from work.

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Inspired by the Jack/Sky  (omgosh! Romance, and humor, and teamy joy) goodness (tentacles! and binary and a completely different kind of teamy joy) floating around my flist, I dusted off an old [ profile] prsw22  piece from my WIP folder. The words just flowed out. I'm so happy and relieved to be writing freely again that I refuse to dwell on the fact that I have a deadline in three weeks for a completely different fandom, or worry that it won't last.

I love you, that is all for tonight.
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Hey guys. I've been nudged (hi Sarah!), so I thought I'd let you all know that I'm still around. My muse is being shaky at best, which is scaring me a little because I have a Jack (O'Neill) piece due at the end of the month, and a Jack/Daniel piece due the end of November. And I'd dearly love to get something done on my [ profile] prsw22. (Hopefully [ profile] starandrea and [ profile] megthelegend's wrting will inspire more on that front soon)

It's a really strange sort of writing issue I've been having; I have a Xander/Andrew (BTVS) piece back from my betas and it really wouldn't take much to get it ready to post, but I just can't seem to make anything happen with it. And I still have a Jack/Sky, a Jack/Daniel, and a House/Wilson that are all nominally done if I could just get them cleaned up.

Anybody have any suggestions, or prompts to nudge me along? Anything from my SG-1 flist in regards to my gen. Jack story would be helpful in particular. I know I can write gen stuff, but I totally fail right now.

Meanwhile, some reading recs for you (since I'm not providing anything right now)
SG-1: Maybe some other time by [ profile] starting_gate (NC-17) - Jack/Daniel, first-time, recced here
SGA: Beautiful Lifetime Event by astolat (NC-17, eventually) - John/Rodney, first-time, kid!fic, totally sold me on a ship I wasn't sure about
PR: Keeping Score by [ profile] megthelegend (PG, maybe?) - Jack/Sky, established, humor, because I've totally missed my boys
House: Diagnosis Wilson by [ profile] commodoresexual (PG) - House/Wilson, preslash, character study, humor, the ducklings diagnose Wilson for practice. There are two sequels, but I think the first is the best.
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I tried to post these the day of the unscreening, but LJ and I seem to be fighting about cuts.  We still are in fact, sorry if I'm messing with your flists while I try to solve the problem.  In other [ profile] sg1_five_things news, it looks like I'll be taking over co-moding duties by the end of the year.  I'm very excited and nervous about it.  Wish me luck.  I managed to write 200+ words tonight; it's not an amazing feat, but I'm happy to have produced something.  Thanks for the support.  Love you.

Fandom:  SG-1
Pairing: None, totally gen.  Feel free to check me for a fever
Rating: G
Prompt:  Five ways Daniel ends up in prison

His mouth )

Fandom:  SG-1
Pairing: None, totally gen.  Feel free to check me for a fever
Rating: G
Prompt:  Five reasons Ascended Daniel didn't appear to Sam

He wasn't allowed, at least at first )

The complete list of my Stargate fiction, including my five times lists, can be found here
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Tonight I'm going to bed without having written a word.  I don't know what's wrong with me; I've been blocked all over.  I can't even edit my stuff right now.  I look at a story and make notes to myself about what I want to change, but I just can't seem to make anything happen. 

I'll try again in the morning.  Any advice, tips, or prompts?  I'd be happy to show you something in the fandom of your choice if you think you could kick start the story for me.  I've got one Jack/Sky, one Adam/Tommy, two House/Wilson, and two Jack/Daniel.
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Wonderful, beautiful flist, I need some help. For [profile] get_house_laid, I took the prompt Either House or Wilson (or both?) somehow ends up on truth serum and ends up admitting to things they themself(ves) didn't know.

I have the story written, but I kind of rushed the part explaining how House got the truth serum into his system to get to the porn good stuff.  House tells Wilson that a jealous husband slipped it to him.  I'm not really happy with that though and I wonder if anyone else has a suggestion.

Help!  Please?  Pretty please?  I have the main event happening in Wilson's office if that information helps you any.


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