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Title: Where Love is Great
Fandom: MMPR
Pairing: Rocky/Adam
Rating: PG
Prompt: [ profile] prsw22 prompt #5 - dream
Summary: My obligatory "Once A Ranger" fic from Rocky's POV
Note: As I've been organizing my fiction masterlist I discovered that I never bothered to post my Rocky/Adam stuff here. I'll be rectifying that over the next couple of days. Therefore this may be familiar to some of my flist. Sorry about the clutter. The title comes from Hamlet, Act III, sc. ii: Where love is great, the littlest doubts are fear

Where Love is Great

The dreams had begun again. Images of the black ranger being tossed about like a rag doll had invaded his nights. Rocky should have expected it. It had taken nearly a year for them to stop last time. A year of waking up in a cold sweat, sure that Adam was dead. At least then he’d had the luxury of waking up with a live, warm, breathing Adam next to him, instant proof that the nightmares were nothing but his fear manifested.

“How are you holding up?” Adam asked him during one of their nightly calls.

“I’m great! I have this nice big house all to myself. No one to complain if I steal the covers, sleep too late, eat too much, or walk around the house naked. I can do whatever I want,” Rocky bragged.

“I don’t actually object to your walking around naked when I’m home. By all means, burn your clothes if you want,” Rocky could practically hear Adam smirking. Rocky forced a laugh. But fooling Adam had never been his strong suit. The black ranger asked again, “How are you really?”

It didn’t matter that Adam never looked in real danger in the few images he saw. There wasn’t quite as much information about the ‘new’ ranger team as there had been about the original Operation Overdrive. The veteran rangers still maintained their anonymity. Perversely, the lack of bad news actually fueled his imagination. Old memories, old battles, old terrors took over where genuine news left off.

“I’m fine, Adam,” Rocky said in his most reassuring voice. “I’ve been following the news of the ‘new’ ranger team. The media seems to love you guys even more for not knowing your identities. They even got a few pictures. You still fill out that suit nicely.”

Adam sounded doubtful. “Thanks. If you’re lucky, I’ll model for you when I get home.”

“I’m gonna hold you to that,” Rocky promised. “Any idea when that might be?” he asked with a casualness he didn’t feel.

The first time the nightmares had come had been shortly after Rocky had given up his powers. It was maddening to watch his friends take a beating and not be able to do anything. After his release from the hospital, he watched them every second. He would duck and weave with Adam as if his movements would direct the green ranger. Eventually, he started to avoid the fights. He didn’t like feeling helpless.

“Soon, I hope. I have an idea that might work,” Adam replied vaguely.

“Good. I miss you.”

“I miss you too,” Adam admitted warmly. The conversation then drifted to safer topics. The strangeness of hearing Kira call Tommy ‘Dr. O’, Bridge’s love of buttery toast, and the shamefulness of modern rangers neglecting basic martial arts training in favor of blasters and extra abilities.

It was ironic really. When Rocky had been a ranger, fighting along side his lover everyday, there had been no sleepless nights. During a fight he could compartmentalize his feelings for his teammate. Sometimes, if Adam were in a particularly bad spot, the panic might take over but only briefly. For the most part he just concentrated on what he could control. They all did. It was the only way to keep fighting, keep winning, stay focused. A healthy dose of teenage invincibility, and life-affirming sex afterwards kept his fear at bay.

“Now we sound like old men, complaining about kids these days. You’re getting too old for this,” Rocky teased.

“True,” Adam agreed readily. “But if Tommy could do it for Reefside, there’s no way I’m going to complain. It might get back to him.”

“He’s not sharing any embarrassing stories with Kira, is he?” Rocky asked, only slightly worried. It’s not like he couldn’t share a few stories of his own.

Apparently the same thought had occurred to Adam. “He threatened to tell her about Scorpina, but I just asked him if remembered that time he and Tanya had to sing everything. He shut up pretty quickly.”

Rocky gave a genuine laugh at that, but it was short-lived as he heard an alarm in the background.

“Gotta go,” Adam said distractedly. “I love you.” He hung up before Rocky could reply.

A week later life was returning to normal. They had a robot staying in their dojo and new friends on speed dial in case of world-saving emergencies, but normal was a relative term for power rangers. The nightmares didn’t magically stop when Adam returned, but the return of a warm body in his bed eased the aftermath. If experience was anything to go by, the dreams would fade. New, more pleasant dreams would take their place. Maybe there would be no ‘next time’. Maybe they could finally be at peace.

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