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Finally got to watch the SPN finale. I liked it alright. I'm a fan of Sam and Dean and their relationship as brothers (and only as brothers). I see shades of my relationship with my little sister in it (although obviously our situations are different. :D)

There were things that confused me, and things I didn't love, and if it had been the series finale I know I wouldn't have been happy with the way it ended, but I remain optimistic that an additional year will find time to put things a little closer to the way I'd like to see them. And sometimes that's all you can ask.


Oct. 14th, 2008 08:04 pm
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That was the gayest, most awesome House ever. And, as a special bonus, I have tonights NCIS recorded and just waiting for me to watch. Seriously, that made my whole night. Now I just need to post my 5 things from Monday and then do some betaing. Because I'm the worst beta/friend ever and totally forgot that I have a [ profile] serpentine85 story sitting on my harddrive from this weekend. Sorry!

To quote [ profile] princessofg: I ♥ fandom; that is all.

ETA: Finished my beta and OMG are you guys in for a treat. Seriously, go pester [ profile] serpentine85 to totally disregard anything I said if it means it'll go up faster, because you'll love it. BTW - [ profile] serpentine85 is also Morphin In on, whose stuff I have previously recced here
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Just watched Fringe. Totally awesome. That is all.
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Title: Honeymoon Negotiations
Rating: PG for a naughty word
Summary: "Just give me a bed and lots of lube and I'm a happy husband."
Note: This is yet another unplanned sequel. I had to combat the angst-fest of the finale and offer comfort to my fellow shippers. This is the quickest I have ever written/posted a fic. It may be a little rough. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

We don't have to go anywhere. )
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I was watching Resurrection tonight.  Sky seems surprised that A-Squad Red is a woman.  How is that possible?  He's been at SPD at least 3 years (as Dru went to the Nebula academy 3 years ago and they were at the academy together before that), he's a legacy, and obsessed with becoming red ranger.  Is it really plausible that he would NOT know exactly who currently held the red morpher?  And how has he been at SPD for three years and never met any of A-Squad?  

I know PR loves its plot holes, but I have a specific reason for mentioning this one.  I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I do try to write my stories (with the obvious exception of my AU on [profile] pr_au100) so that they could co-exist with canon as well as each other.  But a couple of my newer ones (not posted yet) assume that Sky and Charlie have a bit of a competitive relationship.  I'm annoyed to discover that canon specifically contradicts me.  ::glares at canon::

::giggles:: I just reread that and it strikes me as funny that I accuse canon of contradicting me and not the other way around.  So I guess my personal fanon not only includes [personal profile] starandrea's A-Squad as painted by her*, but a world where Sky is not a complete idiot.  I'm okay with that.

*funny story-I was writing about A-Squad and couldn't remember Don's name.  I was actually on Power Rangers Central before I remembered that the name wasn't from the show.  So I had to get *andrea's permission to use them.  Which she graciously gave.  ::Waves of love for [personal profile] starandrea::


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