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The masterlist of all my fanfiction, organized by fandom, pairing, and series where applicable. I want to make my life easier when linking back to previous parts of other stories. And I flatter myself that anybody interested in my stuff will appreciate the easier navigation. It's a work in progress. Everyone is welcome and comments are love, even on older stories. Especially on older stories.

All my fic (I think) can be On AO3 or this list can also be found on LJ here with links to the LJ versions. For more great fic check out my Rec lists.

**If you want to podfic or translate any of my stories, go right ahead - no need to ask permission. Just please link back to the original story when you post your work, and let me know so I can go revel in whatever awesome thing you've done. Same goes for art or other creative or transformative works you might feel inspired to do. Just don't use my work for anything commercial, please!

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Feb. 22nd, 2015 03:32 pm
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A couple of reviewers over at have informed me that I've been plagiarized. My Dean/Cas big bang from 2011, Bring It On Home, has been reposted there as The End of Our World. With an added note about how hard it was to write. I left a review asking it be taken down and reported it. Anything else I should do? This has never happened to me before.
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Good news: I'm in Chicago for the Stargate convention! I have autograph and photo op tickets with David Hewlett and Michael Shanks!

Bad news: My dog apparently damaged my hotel's carpet by the door while we were being tourists yesterday and the hotel charged me $700 for it.
small carpet tear at door threshold

She's never done it before and there's a huge hole in the carpet near the bathroom that was there when we got there. I couldn't say whether she did the damage by the door or not honestly. I've stayed with this chain many times and normally the rooms are lovely but this is definitely a bad one. They wouldn't let me back into the room until I signed the credit card slips they'd already run. So now my entire paycheck is gone and the only reason I'm not going home now is that the convention tickets are non refundable. I'll have to pay some bills late and borrow money for food and gas. Anyone have any advice? Should I contact corporate? The BBB? Just deal with it?

Dad update

Jan. 26th, 2014 06:19 am
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Condition deteriorating rapidly and not expected to last more than 48 hours. On our way to Iowa now. Thank you for all the love, hugs and support.


Jan. 25th, 2014 12:37 pm
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I don't normally do this, but we need all the prayers we can get. My dad has cirrhosis of the liver and cancer in the liver. He's on the transplant list but if the tumor in his liver gets much bigger he'll be taken off. So he had an outpatient surgery done to treat it on Tuesday. Since then his oxygen had crashed and he's been back in the hospital since Thursday. There's water in both lungs and possibly his heart and he's not been fully awake this whole time. They tried to back him off the oxygen last night and he crashed. My little brothers are 16, 14, and 5 and my step mother is running herself ragged trying to look after everyone. We live in another state but my sister and I are going up on Thursday. Please keep my dad and the whole family in your thoughts and prayers.


Dec. 28th, 2013 02:13 pm
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I'm nearly done with all of my writing assignments! Which means it's time to think about insmallpackages, Alpha Treats and [community profile] fandom_stocking. I've already bookmarked 6 or 7 of yours in hopes I can produce something, but feel free to leave me a link in case I've missed one.

Mine is here! :)

Also, can someone tell me how to find the prompts for Alpha Treats? I've been all over AO3 and I can find the profile and even the listing for one that's been written (but not revealed, of course) but I can not for the life of me find the prompts themselves. Thanks!
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Peace and joy come to you.
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I finished my Power Ranger Day fic last week and I was super relieved to have it finished early, because for the past couple of years I only seem to be able to write for Christmas exchanges. Plus Halloween is the busiest time of year in my business and I've only had a single day each week for the past three. Add to that the fact that my laptop finally bit the dust (I've borrowed my sister's once or twice, otherwise it's just my Kindle.) and I was ecstatic to have gotten the assignment knocked out.

Then I saw that a certain overachiever (whom I love and adore ♥) had written 7 treats. And I check the Treat Archive and what do you know? There are exactly 7 treats in there. So tonight has been a flurry of ficlet writing for me. I didn't get 7, but I did my best. It feels good to be writing again, even if it's only little things.

The timings great too since it's officially the Christmas sign up time of year again. I've gotten my assingments for two of my favorite exchanges and now I'm waiting not-so-patiently for the others to start sign ups. 58 days til Christmas, people, let's get cracking. :)
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Title: Mutual Understanding
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Castiel, Sam
Genre: first time, humor
Warnings: None
Word Count: ~600
Author's Notes: Written for insmallpackages for Christmas.
Summary: Dean surprises himself by kissing Cas goodbye and has to figure out what it means.

Dean adjusted Cas's tie one last time and then smoothed down the lapels of his suit jacket )

The complete list of my Supernatural fiction can be found here.
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Got my shiny new Kindle! Just in time for my trip up to Iowa. Now, how the heck do I get fanfiction on it? I thought there was an easy way via AO3 but I've been unable to figure it out so far.

Help (again) please. :)

I love fandom.
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I need some! As you may know, I'm going to the Stargate Convention in Chicago come August. I'm going pretty much to see/meet David Hewlett so I'm only going on Saturday when he'll be there. Mom has expressed an interest in going as well but she'd want to go Sunday and see Amanda Tapping (which I would love to do!) but we're still deciding that. Anyway, I know it's a way off but I'm super excited and already planning and plotting. I'm doing both the autograph and photo op with David and I'm wondering what I should have him sign?

I mean will the photo op be something he could sign with the timing of things? I assume there'll be pics there I could buy and have signed but I thought something fun might be better? Fanart? Does anyone take commissions? Thoughts? Ideas? Help please!
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Title: Dementor Dreams
Fandom: Shelter
Pairing/Characters: Shaun, Cody - background Shaun/Zach
Genre: hurt/comfort
Warnings: None
Word Count: 852
Author's Notes: Written for Angst vs Schmoop. Team Angst, Theme:chocolate
Summary: Shaun tries to smooth over a nightmare that's really a memory.

This fic was written for the Angst vs Schmoop Challenge at [community profile] shelter_diner. After you’ve read the fic, please rate it by voting in the poll located here. (Your vote will be anonymous.) Rate the fic on a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the best) using the following criteria: how well the fic fit the prompt (chocolate), how angsty the fic was, and how well you enjoyed the fic. When you’re done, please check out the other challenge fic at [community profile] shelter_diner. Thank you!

Read on AO3 or below the cut.

Dementors? Shaun repeated )

The complete list of my Shelter fiction can be found here.
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Title: Spoken For
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Cas
Genre: humor, crack, pre-slash, possessive!Cas, sneaky!Cas
Warnings: None
Word Count: 344
Author's Notes: A gift for [personal profile] moonlettuce as part of [community profile] fandom_stocking. Summary also stolen from the description she gave on her gift roundup.
Summary: So, apparently, the Enochian on Dean's ribs doesn't say exactly what he thinks it does.

Read on AO3 or below the cut.

Dean knew she was an angel the moment she made eye contact across the bar. )

The complete list of my Supernatural fiction can be found here.

Song Meme

Feb. 18th, 2013 01:48 pm
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* Below are the first lines of the first 25 songs-with-lyrics that came up on my iTunes, excluding songs which first line is their name
* If you recognize (or think you recognize) a song, name it in a comment; partial guesses are okay! Brainstorming has been known to be helpful on this meme
* I'll give it a reasonable time (experience says 1-3da) and then post those songs which had been identified, and the first two lines of those which had not been
* This will continue until all songs had been identified, or the game stops being fun, whichever happens first.

Totally stolen from rosabelle cause it looked fun. )
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Title: 8 Unheard Messages
Fandom: Power Rangers
Pairing/Characters: Adam/Tommy
Genre: drunken confessions of love, first time, drunk dialing, pining!Tommy
Warnings: Humorous use of drunkeness
Word Count: 830
Author's Notes: A gift for [personal profile] thesecondbatgirl as part of [community profile] fandom_stocking. Set sometime after MMPR since Tommy is old enough to be in a bar.
Summary: Adam gets some enlightening messages in his voicemail when Tommy goes out for some liquid courage.

Read on AO3 or below the cut.

First unheard message, 9:27 pm )

The complete list of my Power Rangers fic can be found here.
lilyleia78: Cas with Dean and Cas in Stull Cemetary inset (Supernatural: Dean/Cas finale)
Title: A Love Thing
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Cas, Sam
Genre: AU, always-human!Cas, created family, high school/college, friends-to-lovers, brotherly love, hurt/comfort, pining!Cas, fluff and angst
Warnings: None
Word Count: 3795
Author's Notes: A gift for [ profile] andorah as part of [ profile] deancas_xmas. A big thanks to both of my betas, [ profile] cjlxx and [ profile] wanderamaranth. Without them this story would've been a grammatical mess and made much less sense.
Summary: When you're in love with your best friend you're bound to get your heartbroken once or twice, but sometimes it's all worth it.

Read on AO3 or below the cut.

The first time Dean Winchester used Castiel as an impromptu babysitter, Cas was sixteen years old and hopelessly in love with his best friend. )

The complete list of my Supernatural fiction can be found here.
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Title: Straight Forward Question
Fandom: Lost Galaxy
Pairing/Characters: Mike, Leo, Leo/Kai
Genre: Sibling fic, brotherly love
Warnings: None
Word Count: ~1000
Author's Notes: A gift for [personal profile] rivulet027 as part of Alpha's Magical Fic Exchange 2012. Thanks for the awesome prompts and the perfect excuse to mainline the entire season of Lost Galaxy. Many thanks as well to [personal profile] punkpinkpower for the lightening fast beta.
Summary: Mike wants to know what's going on between Leo and Kai.

Read on AO3 or below the cut.

Mike waited until he had Leo alone. )

The complete list of my Power Rangers fic can be found here.
lilyleia78: Dean and Sam opening Christmas presents in a motel (Supernatural: Dean and Sam Christmas)
Title: Christmas Eve on the Couch
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Cas, Sam
Genre: Established, silly, domestic fluffiness - no seriously, you may go into sugar shock
Warnings: None
Word Count: 357
Author's Notes: A gift for [ profile] insmallpackages
Summary: Christmas Eve at the Winchester house includes teasing, cocoa and last minute preparations. All of which Dean accomplishes from the comfort of his couch.

Read on AO3 or below the cut.

Dean sat staring at the Christmas tree and the pile of presents scattered beneath it with barely contained glee. )

The complete list of my Supernatural fiction can be found here.
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Title: Cleansing Kisses
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Cas, Sam
Genre: First time, mistletoe, silly
Warnings: None
Word Count: 899
Author's Notes: A gift for [ profile] insmallpackages
Summary: Dean is caught under some supernatural mistletoe, but Cas knows how to fix it.

Read on AO3 or below the cut.

Maybe if I just cut it down? )

The complete list of my Supernatural fiction can be found here.
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Multifandom pretend dating/relationship fest!


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