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Good news: I'm in Chicago for the Stargate convention! I have autograph and photo op tickets with David Hewlett and Michael Shanks!

Bad news: My dog apparently damaged my hotel's carpet by the door while we were being tourists yesterday and the hotel charged me $700 for it.
small carpet tear at door threshold

She's never done it before and there's a huge hole in the carpet near the bathroom that was there when we got there. I couldn't say whether she did the damage by the door or not honestly. I've stayed with this chain many times and normally the rooms are lovely but this is definitely a bad one. They wouldn't let me back into the room until I signed the credit card slips they'd already run. So now my entire paycheck is gone and the only reason I'm not going home now is that the convention tickets are non refundable. I'll have to pay some bills late and borrow money for food and gas. Anyone have any advice? Should I contact corporate? The BBB? Just deal with it?


Apr. 8th, 2012 07:07 pm
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Bought my ticket to the midnight showing today! While seeing Mirror Mirror with my Mommy. I liked it, for the record, but my excitement is all reserved for May 3/4. Also, possibly I need an Avengers icon?
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I've moved! Physically, I mean, in RL. Just across town but for various reasons I've been internetless for the month of Feburary. I'm close enough now to borrow my sister's until I get my own service back up and running. I didn't mention it before, because I do have unlimited data on my phone and wasn't completely in the dark. However if I've been quieter/commenting less, that is why.

My new address has been updated on DW and on LJ. The filter for access to those posts hasn't been updated in awhile, so if you don't have access and think you should let me know.

Love to all!
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I had a truly wonderful Thanksgiving. Got to watch the entirety of the Macy's Parade (there were Power Rangers! Did you see them?) before picking up my sister and nephew and then we went to my favorite aunt's house. I was able to stick to my diet and eat within my limits without feeling hungry. I even got an idea for one of my Christmas exchanges! Whether or not I can pull it off in the next week remains to be seen, but I shall remain confident.

Hope your all's was just as wonderful. Today and always know that I am immensely thankful for all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Skipped back as far as LJ would let me and still didn't get to my last update, where I was already behind. So if anyone posted/read anything before Halloween that you think I shouldn't/wouldn't want to miss - feel free to link me.

Also note that while I'm as caught up as I'm going to get by 'caught up' I mean that I have an obscene number of tabs open in Firefox to read eventually.

Work will slow down after next week, but I'm having some RL romance problems that are weighing heavily on me and making it hard to concentrate. I have two Christmas stories due in less than a month and zero ideas, so I hope to get dialed back in soon.

Love you as always!


Oct. 28th, 2011 11:30 am
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Halloween is the Christmas for my business, and there's been some new and interesting developments in RL lately, so I've been MIA a lot. I'm a tiny bit behind on my DW circle and waaaaay behind on my LJ flist. So if I'm not answering your comments/commenting on your entries, please know it's not that I don't love and adore you I'm just terribly busy.

Love and miss you all!


Sep. 6th, 2011 09:03 pm
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Thank you for all the virtual hugs, and to whomever sent my the lj hug present.

I think I have things worked out, but a supportive word and multiple hugs are always welcome.
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And a loan.


RL sucks

Jul. 19th, 2011 07:39 pm
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I used to never do anything but post fic here, but as you've all become my friends I've found myself wanting to keep you in the loop. So just quickly, work has me busy and tired but at the end of the month I switch back over to the seasonal side of things. I like it better and for awhile it'll be less busy than I am currently. So put that in the yay column.

Cut for family health worries )

In fannish news, I'm so close to finishing my first big bang I can practically taste it. I'm also nearly done with my claim for smallfandomfest, and I finally started my mcshep_match story. I thought it was going to be part of a longer story, but it's actually standing pretty well on its own. But I'm going to shut up about it now so I don't give away which is mine.

Last, but certainly not least - I love you all. Thanks for being here and listening (reading).
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It's creeping up on the fifth, but

Happy Independence Day!

anyway. Went to Fair St. Louis and saw Montgomery Gentry before the fireworks. Had a blast - hope you all did too.


Jun. 27th, 2011 07:55 pm
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Thanks for all the well wishes. The interview only lasted 20 minutes and she said she'd make her decision in the next three weeks. I'm not sure that's encouraging, but seeing so much support made my day brighter anyway. So thank you. You guys are the best.


Jun. 26th, 2011 11:18 pm
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If anyone has a minute or two tomorrow around noon my time (13 hours from now) to send me a prayer, positive thoughts, good energy, whatever - I'd really appreciate it. I have an interview for a job I really want. I don't need it, and I can only take it if they at least match what I'm making now, but I'd be much happier in this position than the one I'm currently in.

Thanks! Love you!

Home Again

Jun. 21st, 2011 08:23 pm
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Updating my map since this little trip took me to two new states!

visited 26 states (52%)
Create your own visited map of The United States


Jun. 14th, 2011 08:58 pm
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Just an FYI - I'm taking a long weekend Friday through Monday to go to a cousin's wedding in Kentucky and then an aquarium in Cincinnati for the nephew's birthday.

I'm already behind on the flist, and it'll probably get worse before it gets better. But I'll see you all when I get back.

Love you!


Jun. 4th, 2011 10:06 pm
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Happy Birthday [personal profile] starandrea!

I love you all the time.
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RL trying to eat me. Send help.


Love you.
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Happy Mother's Day to the many, many mothers in my life.

I got a bracelet from my nephew, because his mother couldn't explain to him why she got a gift and Grandma got a gift, but not me. Apparently all explanations of me not being a mommy were met with a blank stare and response of "But she's my Auntie."

Man, I love that little boy.
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Wanna help Matt Austin (Bridge Carson) make a film? In case you didn't see it on his twitter, here's the link.

It sounds like an interesting film to me and there's perks for helping.
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The time change is a b*tch, but I hope that on your side of the world or mine it's not too late to wish a very happy birthday to [personal profile] defeatedbyabridge/[ profile] megthelegend.

You are a wonderful friend and I feel very lucky to know you. ::hugs::


Mar. 30th, 2011 10:57 pm
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Thanks for the thoughts, and prayers, and support. Things went just about as well as they could have. My mood is much improved. :) Thanks for everything guys. You're support means the world to me. ♥


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