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I'm spending mine pigging out, indulging in Yuletide fic and not finishing my Alpha fic. I love the holidays but I'm so far behind on reading it's ridiculous. :)

Here's hoping your 2013 is full of fun, fiction, happiness and a touch of magic. Love to you all!
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I'm hoping some of my non-SPN friends will be willing to help me out here. As part of GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) we're taking pledges to commit an act of kindness between now and the end of the year. My team gets points for every 2 pledges, and the pledges themselves are an attempt to set a world record, but most importantly it puts more kindness into the world. And it's good for your karma! :)

Help us reach 100,000 pledges from people all around the world to perform a Random Act of Kindness before the end of 2012.

Pledging is FREE and you're not committing to a newsletter or anything (unless you opt in).

Any act that's "kind" will qualify. We want to better the world and break a Guinness World Record at the same time for the most pledges of Random Acts of Kindness.

Don't forget to include my email (lilyleia78 @ in the box of Email Address of the person who referred you and spread the news to all your friends


Apr. 8th, 2012 07:07 pm
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Bought my ticket to the midnight showing today! While seeing Mirror Mirror with my Mommy. I liked it, for the record, but my excitement is all reserved for May 3/4. Also, possibly I need an Avengers icon?
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Did everyone see the announcement that Saban is releasing PR on DVD? Yes? Carry on with your day.
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It's a beautiful New Year! Nearly 70 here today and I'm on a writing tear. Filled three stockings tonight and poked around with an idea for [profile] jd_junkie's comment fic meme explaining the hows and whys of Jack telling Daniel that Jonas is a good man.

It's so wonderful to be writing freely again. I'm pretty sure I've covered everyone on my flist, but just in case - if you have a stocking, feel free to link me to it. I've got something like 12 hours until the reveal. Mine is here.

And yesterday I produced 1000 words toward my sign up for the McSheplets Still in Love.. with John and Rodney fest. Speaking of which - go sign up. :)

Lastly, I have received many wonderful gifts for Christmas, but only linked to two of them so far. Once the stockings and Alpha's magical exchange have gone lived, I will rectify that situation.

Good night. ♥
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Perhaps I should say something profound, but since I've just been re-watching Storm Before the Calm all I've got is

We may not be Power Rangers, but we still have powers.

It's profound if you think about it.

Happy New Year to all! Be good and be safe and here's hoping that in 2012 your sorrows will be less and your joys magnified. Good luck and God bless.
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Merry Christmas! Peace and joy to all. The days are getting longer, the nights are filled with light and wonder and love has come to Earth. A happy holiday season indeed.
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I have to go to bed, but I just read both my gifts from [ profile] sga_santa and [ profile] deancas_xmas and they were both so wonderful that I had to rec them right away. I must have been a very good girl this year.

SGA - Black Flag John/Rodney.

Earth is never going to let Atlantis go home, so John takes matters into his own hands. I always ask for fluff, schmoop, and happy endings with these things. Because I really love fluff, schmoop, and happy endings, but also because I worry about things getting too dark if I don't specify. In this case, Santa gave me everything I didn't even know I wanted in a fic. It's serious and mildly angsty, but the ending is hopeful and the whole thing is moody and simply gorgeous.

SPN - He Who Laughs Last (the Joke's on Us) Jensen/Misha

Jensen and Misha think they’re pulling the mother of all pranks on Jared by pretending to be a couple, but they’re in way over their heads. OMG. What can I even say about this fic? It's completely awesome. It's funny and sweet and insightful and just perfect. I laughed so hard I cried and I smiled so big my face started to hurt. And it gave me that warm, heart clenching feeling in my chest that always accompanies my very favorite happy-place stories.

Go. Read. Tell the Santas how wonderful they are. Here's hoping you all get something just as wonderful in your stockings this year. Love you.
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Happy Mother's Day to the many, many mothers in my life.

I got a bracelet from my nephew, because his mother couldn't explain to him why she got a gift and Grandma got a gift, but not me. Apparently all explanations of me not being a mommy were met with a blank stare and response of "But she's my Auntie."

Man, I love that little boy.
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Just when I look at something and think about how it's the longest thing I've ever written, I click on a link for a story that is four times longer. :) Ah, well. Epic is relative?

Have I mentioned recently how much I love you all? Because I totally do.

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Happy New Year. Thank you for all the joy and laughter you brought me in 2010. Can't wait to see what 2011 brings us!

I love you.
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Merry Christmas all. Joy, love, and peace be yours now and always. I love you.
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1 - I got a new smart phone! A Droid Incredible if you're curious. So, if you need my new number and don't have it yet let me know. Also, apps! Any must-haves you can recommend?

2 - My flist is freaking out about White Collar but I have no idea why (thank you for being spoiler free. you guys are the best). My DVR is sitting at 77%. I'm six episodes behind on both White Collar and Leverage. The new job is fun but time consuming. It may be awhile before I'm up to date, but my curiosity has definitely been piqued.

3 - A Castiel prompt over at comment_fic has now officially become the longest story I have ever written. I think my muse misunderstood the word 'comment'. Oops.
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My Jack/Daniel story Clues has been nominated in the romance category.

Voting opens on September 12th, so click on the banner below to check out the nominations and vote on your favorites.

Prompt me!

Jul. 15th, 2010 09:21 pm
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I have finished my PR remix and sent my McShep_match to beta a whole week before they're due! I blame/credit this to I love that site - you don't have to use it for fic writing but I do highly recommend using it.

In celebration of my procrastination not getting the best of me (and to restock my pile of things to write 750 words about everyday) I'm taking prompts. \o/ I'll love you extra hard if they tie into one of my bingo cards, but they don't have to. You know my fandoms and pairings and I'm open to others.

I ♥ you!

PS - My author interview for [ profile] mcshep_play can be found here if anyone is interested.
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World Team Tennis! I am so, so excited. I just got back from watching The Saint Louis Aces with Lindsay Davenport versus The Washington Kastles with Venus Williams.

My seat was great, but unfortunately I forgot to bring a camera. It was so awesome to see it in person. I just... have no words for how amazing it was - I love tennis so much.

FYI - The Aces lost, but Lindsay won her match against Venus so there's that.

Icon only relevant in that it's the only tennis one I have. Vamos Rafa!
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Did I tell you all that I won Eagles tickets by signing up for Race for the Cure? Cause I did. Well, Mom and I did (she walked with me).

The concert was tonight at Busch Stadium and it was awesome! I'm absurdly grateful and still half-disbelieveing that I was actually there seeing and hearing The frickin Eagles! The Dixie Chicks opened and I entertained myself by texting [personal profile] stagnation13 pics of my pretty, pretty city, but she was busy working or some silliness. Still, totally worth sitting thru them for the main event.

I love you all so much and I wanted to share my joy with you. If you ever get the chance to see The Eagles - Go.


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