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The masterlist of all my fanfiction, organized by fandom, pairing, and series where applicable. I want to make my life easier when linking back to previous parts of other stories. And I flatter myself that anybody interested in my stuff will appreciate the easier navigation. It's a work in progress. Everyone is welcome and comments are love, even on older stories. Especially on older stories.

All my fic (I think) can be On AO3 or this list can also be found on LJ here with links to the LJ versions. For more great fic check out my Rec lists.

**If you want to podfic or translate any of my stories, go right ahead - no need to ask permission. Just please link back to the original story when you post your work, and let me know so I can go revel in whatever awesome thing you've done. Same goes for art or other creative or transformative works you might feel inspired to do. Just don't use my work for anything commercial, please!

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lilyleia78: Sheppard bending over with lower back exposed (SGA: John butt)
Title: Wake Up Call
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: John/Rodney
Genre: pwp, sleepy sex, fingering, bottom!John
Warnings: see above
Word Count: >700
Summary: Rodney wakes John up with his fingers.
Author's Notes: Written for the Still in Love...with John and Rodney fest at [ profile] mcsheplets

Also available at AO3

Adult content within )

The complete list of my Stargate Atlantis fiction can be found here.
lilyleia78: Dean and Cas sitting on benches side by side captioned DCBB (Supernatural: DC BB)
Title: Bring it on Home
Fandom: SPN
Pairing: Dean/Cas, Sam/Dean
Genre: AU, romance, drama
Warnings: slave fic in the same manner that Beauty and the Beast is slave fic
Word Count: 34697
Summary: A crash landing forces Daniel to accept a Tok'ra symbiote. Now Jack must figure out how to deal with the changes in his relationship.
Alpha/Beta: [ profile] nicole_sill/[ profile] moonliteknight

The first time Dean met an angel he was battered, bruised, and still bleeding from hunting a particularly vengeful spirit. )

Part two
lilyleia78: Daniel with shirt unbuttoned (SG1: Daniel heart sepia)
Title: Now Touch Me, Baby
Fandom: SG-1
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Genre: Kink, pwp
Warnings: Toys
Word Count: 736
Summary: Daniel has a thing for Jack's leather fingerless gloves
Note: For [community profile] kink_bingo amnesty - leather. Thanks to The Doors for the title.

After what seemed like hours of nothing but glancing brushes of fingertips... )

The complete list of my Stargate fiction can be found here.
lilyleia78: Close up of John and Rodney's torsos, standing very close together (SGA: Torso)
Title: Not Just the Mechanics of the Thing
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: John/Rodney
Genre: Kink
Warnings: Fucking machines (discussed), bad language
Word Count: 1374
Summary: Rodney surprises John with a new toy, but John's not sure how he feels about it.
Note: For [community profile] kink_bingo amnesty - fucking machines. No actual sex - huh.

John should have been wary when Rodney caught his eye during Senior Staff with an expression of barely contained glee. )

The complete list of my Stargate Atlantis fiction can be found here.
lilyleia78: Daniel with shirt unbuttoned (SG1: Daniel heart sepia)
Title: Night Moves
Fandom: SG-1
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Genre: First time, romance, pwp
Warnings: None that I'm aware of
Word Count: 2503
Summary: In a shared tent offworld, Daniel makes a move.
Note: For [personal profile] tejas in the [community profile] jd_ficathon. I kept thinking it was going to grow some plot, but it never happened. Appropriately enough, [personal profile] tejas once told me that sometimes we just have to let them be what they are, so thanks tejas for the prompt and the advice.

Two (2) Requirements:
1. s8 or earlier
2. bottom!Jack
Optional Request: offworld
Restriction #1: non-con
Restriction #2: infidelity

Jack’s internal clock woke him precisely two hours after he’d crawled into the tent. )

The complete list of my Stargate fiction can be found here.
lilyleia78: Jack and Daniel standing close with Sam nearby captioned not holding hands (SG-1: Not holding hands)
Title: A Taste
Fandom: SG-1
Pairing: Sam/Daniel, Jack (yes, you read that right)
Genre: pwp, voyeurism, het
Warnings: semi-public sex, voyeur!Jack
Word Count: 1452
Summary: Jack walks into something unexpected when he goes to collect Sam from her lab.
Note: Blame [personal profile] zats_clear for this one. She planted the bunny in my plot farm. It's my first het porn, written for the voyeurism square on my Kink Bingo Card.

PS - Where do I even post this pairing?

..he'd never discovered her laid out like this before... )


The complete list of my Stargate fiction can be found here.
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Voting is now open over at [community profile] mcshep_match for the drabble tree challenge. There's around 700 drabbles to read, but they're nicely separated by author. I'll post mine under the cut for archiving and to make your life easier. :) Read, enjoy, vote TEAM PLAY!!

Go Team Play! )

Warning - #1 is porny and #3 is suggestive.


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