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The masterlist of all my fanfiction, organized by fandom, pairing, and series where applicable. I want to make my life easier when linking back to previous parts of other stories. And I flatter myself that anybody interested in my stuff will appreciate the easier navigation. It's a work in progress. Everyone is welcome and comments are love, even on older stories. Especially on older stories.

All my fic (I think) can be On AO3 or this list can also be found on LJ here with links to the LJ versions. For more great fic check out my Rec lists.

**If you want to podfic or translate any of my stories, go right ahead - no need to ask permission. Just please link back to the original story when you post your work, and let me know so I can go revel in whatever awesome thing you've done. Same goes for art or other creative or transformative works you might feel inspired to do. Just don't use my work for anything commercial, please!

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Dec. 28th, 2013 02:13 pm
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I'm nearly done with all of my writing assignments! Which means it's time to think about insmallpackages, Alpha Treats and [community profile] fandom_stocking. I've already bookmarked 6 or 7 of yours in hopes I can produce something, but feel free to leave me a link in case I've missed one.

Mine is here! :)

Also, can someone tell me how to find the prompts for Alpha Treats? I've been all over AO3 and I can find the profile and even the listing for one that's been written (but not revealed, of course) but I can not for the life of me find the prompts themselves. Thanks!
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Peace and joy come to you.
lilyleia78: Dean and Sam opening Christmas presents in a motel (Supernatural: Dean and Sam Christmas)
Title: Christmas Eve on the Couch
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Cas, Sam
Genre: Established, silly, domestic fluffiness - no seriously, you may go into sugar shock
Warnings: None
Word Count: 357
Author's Notes: A gift for [ profile] insmallpackages
Summary: Christmas Eve at the Winchester house includes teasing, cocoa and last minute preparations. All of which Dean accomplishes from the comfort of his couch.

Read on AO3 or below the cut.

Dean sat staring at the Christmas tree and the pile of presents scattered beneath it with barely contained glee. )

The complete list of my Supernatural fiction can be found here.
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I just turned in my last Christmas/Holiday assignment! That means I have a smidgen of time to fill stockings. Does anyone have a stocking I can investigate? Leave me a link in the comments please. :) Mine is here if anyone wants to leave me a treat.
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I'm spending mine pigging out, indulging in Yuletide fic and not finishing my Alpha fic. I love the holidays but I'm so far behind on reading it's ridiculous. :)

Here's hoping your 2013 is full of fun, fiction, happiness and a touch of magic. Love to you all!
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[community profile] slashing_lorne[community profile] slashing_lorne[community profile] slashing_lorne
12 Days of Lorne still has spaces to fill
Come and share the Lorne love this Holiday Season
Art by the always fabulous [personal profile] calcitrix

Go sign up! Don't resist the power of the adorableness. :)s
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Just stopping by to pimp. Haven't left my own wishes yet. I have 5 things due for the holidays as is with fandom_stocking still looming. But I love Christmas so much. It's so tempting. And if some of you do it there's a larger chance my fandoms will by available for me to grant. (Hint, hint)

In other news, the assignment I thought was due last (not including Alpha) was actually due first. Oops! Luckily it was the easiest one for me to write (exactly who/what I like to write) so it's already off to beta. Yipee! And I've been super stoked for Alpha since I got it but I'm trying to put it off since it's not due til January. Now, if only I could get in the right mind frame for my other two assignments...

Happy Days all!
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Happy Easter! Blessings to you all today and always. ♥
lilyleia78: John and Rodney wearing Santa hats captioned Merry Christmas (SGA: J/R Christmas)
Title: Puppy Love
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: John/Rodney
Genre: First time, Christmas, humor
Warnings: None
Word Count: 912
Summary: John's wearing a ridiculous mistletoe hat and following Rodney around Atlantis. Rodney's just trying to get some work done.
Author's Notes: For [personal profile] moonlettuce's stocking.

It's not that Rodney was unaware of his surroundings. )

The complete list of my Stargate Atlantis fiction can be found here.
lilyleia78: Close up of Tommy in sunglasses with Adam reflected in the lenses (PR: Adam/Tommy)
Title: Mistletoe Monster
Fandom: MMPR
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Genre: First time, Christmas, humor
Warnings: None
Word Count: 846
Summary: Rocky's hanging mistletoe everywhere. Adam fears for the safety and sanity of the city. Tommy makes his move.
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] second_batgirl's stocking

Adam watched Rocky's progress around the juice bar with a wary eye. )

The complete list of my Power Rangers fic can be found here.
lilyleia78: Dean and Cas with wings in front of a fireplace hung with three stockings (Supernatural: Christmas)
Title: Gifts of the Season
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Genre: First time, fluff, Christmas, awesome!Sam
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1090
Summary: Sam helps Dean pick out Cas's Christmas presents. Then he helps Cas as well. Yeah, he's pretty much the best brother ever.
Author's Notes: Written for [profile] miki_moo's stocking.

I don't see what's wrong with the gas station )

The complete list of my Supernatural fiction can be found here.
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It's a beautiful New Year! Nearly 70 here today and I'm on a writing tear. Filled three stockings tonight and poked around with an idea for [profile] jd_junkie's comment fic meme explaining the hows and whys of Jack telling Daniel that Jonas is a good man.

It's so wonderful to be writing freely again. I'm pretty sure I've covered everyone on my flist, but just in case - if you have a stocking, feel free to link me to it. I've got something like 12 hours until the reveal. Mine is here.

And yesterday I produced 1000 words toward my sign up for the McSheplets Still in Love.. with John and Rodney fest. Speaking of which - go sign up. :)

Lastly, I have received many wonderful gifts for Christmas, but only linked to two of them so far. Once the stockings and Alpha's magical exchange have gone lived, I will rectify that situation.

Good night. ♥
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Perhaps I should say something profound, but since I've just been re-watching Storm Before the Calm all I've got is

We may not be Power Rangers, but we still have powers.

It's profound if you think about it.

Happy New Year to all! Be good and be safe and here's hoping that in 2012 your sorrows will be less and your joys magnified. Good luck and God bless.
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Title: What are you doing New Year's Eve?
Fandom: Shelter
Pairing: Zach/Shaun
Genre: established, romance, holiday, domestic fluff
Warnings: None
Word Count: ~ 750
Summary: What you are doing at midnight on New Year's eve sets the tone for the rest of the year
Note: Written for holiday fest 2011 over at [ profile] shelter_diner. My prompt is the same as my summary. Title is taken from the song that I hate. ^_^ Happy New Year all!

Zach dropped his keys twice trying to open the front door... )


The complete list of my Shelter fiction can be found here.
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Merry Christmas! Peace and joy to all. The days are getting longer, the nights are filled with light and wonder and love has come to Earth. A happy holiday season indeed.
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I have to go to bed, but I just read both my gifts from [ profile] sga_santa and [ profile] deancas_xmas and they were both so wonderful that I had to rec them right away. I must have been a very good girl this year.

SGA - Black Flag John/Rodney.

Earth is never going to let Atlantis go home, so John takes matters into his own hands. I always ask for fluff, schmoop, and happy endings with these things. Because I really love fluff, schmoop, and happy endings, but also because I worry about things getting too dark if I don't specify. In this case, Santa gave me everything I didn't even know I wanted in a fic. It's serious and mildly angsty, but the ending is hopeful and the whole thing is moody and simply gorgeous.

SPN - He Who Laughs Last (the Joke's on Us) Jensen/Misha

Jensen and Misha think they’re pulling the mother of all pranks on Jared by pretending to be a couple, but they’re in way over their heads. OMG. What can I even say about this fic? It's completely awesome. It's funny and sweet and insightful and just perfect. I laughed so hard I cried and I smiled so big my face started to hurt. And it gave me that warm, heart clenching feeling in my chest that always accompanies my very favorite happy-place stories.

Go. Read. Tell the Santas how wonderful they are. Here's hoping you all get something just as wonderful in your stockings this year. Love you.
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Promised myself I was finishing my [community profile] sga_santa fic today come hell or high water. So far I've opened the document in my word processor. Oops? It's just that I've discovered Due South and...

Anyway, I intend to start writing as soon as I've posted here - promise. After that I have nothing due until the end of the month. So, if you have a [community profile] fandom_stocking please link me to yours. No promises, but I'd love to give some gifts for the holidays. Mine is here if anyone is interested.

That is all for now. Love you!
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I had a truly wonderful Thanksgiving. Got to watch the entirety of the Macy's Parade (there were Power Rangers! Did you see them?) before picking up my sister and nephew and then we went to my favorite aunt's house. I was able to stick to my diet and eat within my limits without feeling hungry. I even got an idea for one of my Christmas exchanges! Whether or not I can pull it off in the next week remains to be seen, but I shall remain confident.

Hope your all's was just as wonderful. Today and always know that I am immensely thankful for all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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It's creeping up on the fifth, but

Happy Independence Day!

anyway. Went to Fair St. Louis and saw Montgomery Gentry before the fireworks. Had a blast - hope you all did too.


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