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Title: Downtime
Fandom: SPD
Pairing: Jack/Sky
Rating: PG
Prompt: number 3 - children from [ profile] prsw22
Summary: “I’m not a child,” Jack pouted
Note: I don't actually like this fic anymore. I was trying too hard to fill the prompt w/o making a kid!fic and I think it pushed them slightly OCC. It's all part of the process though. ::shrugs:: Enjoy anyway!


Z groaned with fond annoyance when she, Bridge, and Syd walked into the B-Squad common room to find their team leaders making out on the couch. Jack looked up from his position stretched atop Sky at the intrusion.

“Do you mind? We’d like a little privacy here,” Jack told her with typical shamelessness.

“If you wanted privacy, you should have gone somewhere else. Like, I don’t know, you’re private room,” Syd snapped, in what Z secretly thought of as her ‘princess’ voice.

“I think it’s actually considered a single room, not a private room. Because private means secret, and Jack’s room is not a secret. We all know it exists and where it is and stuff. Although, we probably wouldn’t go barging in without asking, except maybe Sky, which means we do treat it like personal property-which is another definition of private….So, yeah, Jack’s room is private,” Bridge concluded.

“She’s right,” Sky agreed as if the Bridge-ramble had not occurred. “Your room would be more private. It’s more comfortable there too.”

Jack considered that for a moment. “Nah, I’m plenty comfortable right here.”

“Well, I’m not. You’re getting heavy,” Sky tried to wiggle free to emphasize his point.

Jack made a sound of mock outrage. “Hey, I’m just trying to keep you warm. Consider me a big Jack-shaped blanket.” He lay his head back down, effectively pinning the larger man beneath him.

“Jack,” Sky complained, “Move.”

“Don’t wanna.”

“Don’t be a child,” Sky scolded.

“I’m not a child,” Jack pouted, turning his face toward his partner. Unable to resist, Sky pressed a quick kiss to Jack’s lips.

“Are so,” Sky retorted with a smirk that clearly said he was baiting the other man.

“Are not,” Jack followed up with the time-honored answer. He stuck his tongue out for good measure.





Syd finally had had enough, “If you two don’t stop acting like toddlers, I am going to report you to Doggy!”

“Did you just threaten to tell Daddy on us?” Jack laughed.

The other four just looked at him. He tried to elaborate, “You know, Daddy/Doggy. They sound alike….COME ON! Tell me you didn’t think that was funny!”

Syd, Z, and Bridge groaned in answer. Sky shook his head in dismay, “That wasn’t a bit funny.”

Jack scowled around the room, and Sky (in a show of great maturity) took advantage of his distraction to unceremoniously dump Jack off of him and onto the floor.

“Now that,” Sky grinned, “was funny.”

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