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Title: Night Moves
Fandom: SG-1
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Genre: First time, romance, pwp
Warnings: None that I'm aware of
Word Count: 2503
Summary: In a shared tent offworld, Daniel makes a move.
Note: For [personal profile] tejas in the [community profile] jd_ficathon. I kept thinking it was going to grow some plot, but it never happened. Appropriately enough, [personal profile] tejas once told me that sometimes we just have to let them be what they are, so thanks tejas for the prompt and the advice.

Two (2) Requirements:
1. s8 or earlier
2. bottom!Jack
Optional Request: offworld
Restriction #1: non-con
Restriction #2: infidelity

Night Moves

Jack’s internal clock woke him precisely two hours after he’d crawled into the tent. It wasn’t his turn; he’d taken the first watch, had already put in his time, stripped himself down to boxers, and was ready for his six hours of sleep, but his body would insist on waking him up to ensure that the tradeoff went smoothly - even on a 'safe' planet like this one. Usually, he was only semi-conscious for a few seconds, long enough to hear two voices exchanging quiet greetings and then he’d be asleep before he’d even fully registered his return to consciousness.

This time when he heard two voices he came more fully awake. One of those voices was Daniel, but the other was definitely not Teal’c.

“Dr. Jackson,” the stranger's voice was low, husky, and all-too-female. “It would be my honor to serve the Speaker in any way necessary.” Her tone let Jack, and presumably Daniel, know exactly what she was offering.

There was a grimace in Daniel's tone that said this wasn’t the first time she’d made the proposition. “That won’t be necessary.”

“I see. You don’t find me attractive.” Jack could practically hear the tramp's pout.

Manipulative bitch, he snarled silently. Jack considered calling out to Daniel, but it wasn't really his business if Daniel wanted to take up what was on offer. And it had occurred to Jack, brain still closer to sleep than waking, that this could all be a dream. It was entirely possible that his subconscious was throwing his fears at him; as if he needed the reminder that he could never have what he wanted most. Jack had no doubt that some day some nice alien girl, or possibly some nice Colorado girl, was going to make her intentions so obvious that not even Daniel could miss it. Then Daniel would officially be lost to him forever, and even Jack's hope for a distant future would be gone as well.

But not today, apparently. “No, no,” Daniel hastened to assure her. “It’s just I’m…I mean I couldn’t…” The linguist paused for a deep breath. “I barely know you. And there's…”

“Ah,” the woman said, placating. “Your affections lie elsewhere.”

Daniel's release of breath was audible even at a distance. "Yes, they do. Thank you, Lythia, for understanding."

"Of course," the tramp, Lythia, purred, "But if you change your mind…"

“Daniel Jackson, I believe it is time I took up the watch, and you returned to your tent to get some rest.” Teal’c’s voice joined the mix, rescuing Daniel from rebuffing her again. Jack found himself already relaxing back into slumber; secure in the knowledge that his team – and Daniel’s virtue - was safe.

The quiet sounds of Daniel returning to the tent and settling in for the night were music to Jack’s sleep-deprived ears. The quiet slide of boots being removed, the soft clack of glasses being closed all the lullaby Jack wished he could fall asleep to every night. By the time Daniel had skinned down to his boxers, Jack was hovering in that space between waking and dreams where the real world was already slipping into fantasy, and he didn’t react when he felt Daniel lay down too close behind him.

“Jack,” Daniel whispered, and Jack marveled at the detailed nuances of his dream; he could swear he could feel Daniel’s breath moving the little hairs on the back of his neck.

After a few silent moments Jack felt Daniel’s hand coming to rest lightly on his hip and the stir of warm air on the back of his neck as Daniel called his name again – no longer a whisper, but still too quiet to reach outside of their tent.

“Jack.” The small increase in volume roused Jack more fully into the waking world, but there was no panic or urgency in Daniel’s tone, so he remained quiet, wondering if Daniel was trying to wake him or if he was just checking to see how deeply he was asleep.

The answer to that question became even more important when Daniel scooted in even closer, not stopping until Jack could feel every hard line and sharp angle of Daniel’s body pressed tightly against his own, sending any chance of Jack falling fully back to sleep right out the window – or tent flap as it were.

Training and practice allowed Jack to keep his body still and his breathing relaxed and steady as Daniel's hand slipped lower down his leg, his touch almost a caress as he explored the toned muscle that years of hiking off world had made easy for Jack to maintain.

"Jack," Daniel whispered, low and husky right next to Jack's ear. "I know you're awake, Jack."

Jack's breath caught and there was no way Daniel could have missed it, plastered against his back as he were, but Jack didn't answer, still waiting for Daniel's next move. Not that Daniel's intentions could have been any clearer, not unless he was carrying a flashlight around in his boxers, but Jack found that he wanted it spelled out for him. He couldn't be even a little uncertain - not about this, not when so very much of Jack's heart and soul and very life was on the line.

"Come on, Jack, don't leave me in this limbo." And maybe Daniel was talking about the here and now with Daniel's hand sweeping over his thigh and Daniel's moist breath blowing hot against Jack's neck or maybe Daniel meant the whole history of their amazing, fucked up, mixed signal filled friendship, Jack had no idea. "I'm tired of fighting off advances in hopes you'll make a move of your own. I've never known you to back away from something you're afraid of," Daniel whispered, "You're no coward, and I'm nothing to fear, Jack."

Daniel was right, of course - he was right more often than Jack liked to admit, and Jack flipped over before his name had finished falling from Daniel's lips and pressed his mouth to the shape of his name still hanging on Daniel's lips.

Daniel opened for him without hesitation, rolling himself fully onto his back and pulling Jack on top of him to cradle between his thighs without ever breaking their kiss. Jack shuddered despite himself, moaning without words into Daniel's mouth, sucking Daniel's tongue into his own.

But Daniel, the sneaky bastard, refused to be drawn in, he brought his own hand up to Jack's hair and gentled him, making the kiss less and more at the same time - less about raw need and lust, more about tenderness and, damn it all to hell - love. And Jack, helpless as ever where Daniel was concerned, followed wherever his friend wanted to lead.

"Jack," Daniel gasped - pleaded - between kisses, "Jack, please. Let me…can I…please…tell me…"

Jack had no idea what Daniel was asking for, but it hardly mattered, the answer was obviously… "Yes," he hissed against Daniel's pleading lips. "Yes, whatever you need."

Daniel pulled back and looked at Jack with a mixture of uncertainty and awe. "Jack, you know I…" He didn't finish the thought, couldn't with Jack's hand slipping under the waistband of his briefs to brush his fingertips across the top of Daniel's already leaking cock.

Jack smiled as he watched Daniel coming undone under his light touch. "I know what, Daniel?" he asked sweetly.

Daniel found the focus to scowl and wrap a hand around Jack's wrist, stilling the hand on his cock. "You know I love you, right?" The question had started out irritated, but the last word was soft with emotion. "I mean, you have to know that. It's not just…" he blew out a breath, "We don't have to do this now. We…do we need to talk about it?"

Jack covered the joy blooming in his chest with a smirk. "Yes, Daniel, because I'm always more interested in words than action." Jack counted it as a victory when Daniel smiled back and released his grip on Jack's wrist. "I love you, Daniel," he offered back, pressing a soft kiss to the curve of Daniel's smile. He wrapped his hand around Daniel's cock and gave it a couple of soft strokes just to watch Daniel shiver against him. "I love you, Daniel," he repeated, "and I want you inside of me. Damn it, Dan…"

Daniel cut him off with a sloppy, desperate kiss, moaning low and urgent before rolling Jack off of him abruptly to search through his pack. Jack shucked his own briefs, and it was only a second before Daniel was back beside him, familiar bottle of sunscreen clutched in his right hand.

Jack rolled onto his side, facing away from Daniel, and laughed when Daniel opened the bottle, the light scent of coconut filling the tent. He hoped no one noticed his ass smelling like a beach in the morning. His laughter cut off abruptly when Daniel's slick finger breached his opening. Unthinkingly, Jack lifted his leg and rolled further onto his stomach to give Daniel more access.

Jack took the first finger easily, pushing back against the intrusion eagerly. "More."

"You okay?" Daniel asked as he added the second finger, stretching Jack wider.

Jack made a sound that he hoped didn't sound as desperate as he felt and nodded. Daniel set up a rhythm, changing depth and angle until Jack thought he'd go mad if he didn't get more of Daniel inside of him. "Now, Daniel. I'm ready."

"Shh," Daniel whispered soothingly, adding a third finger and teasing Jack with it mercilessly for a few more strokes. Jack whined and clenched around Daniel's fingers, making Daniel laugh. "Pushy, Jack, pushy." But he withdrew his fingers, and got up on his knees. Jack quickly flipped over to watch Daniel grease up his cock. He took his time, dripping what seemed like half the bottle of sunscreen on his hand before leisurely stroking it up and down his shaft, eyes glued to Jack's face while Jack couldn't bring himself to look away from beauty of Daniel's foreskin slipping up and down in time with Daniel's hand, hiding and then revealing the gorgeous purple head of Daniel's perfect cock.

Jack licked his dry lips and vowed to himself that next time he would taste Daniel, make him come in Jack's mouth.

"Next time, Jack, I want to taste you too, take my time with it," Daniel said, his words seeming to lift Jack's thoughts right out of his head.

"Damn, right," Jack growled, reaching forward to slide a finger across the slit of Daniel's cock, while his other hand slipped down to tease at his own slick opening.

Daniel hissed, his eyes falling closed and his hand stilling. Jack smiled and sat up to press a closed mouth kiss to the tender inside of Daniel's thigh. When he looked up, Daniel was staring down at him, blue irises barely visible around pupils blown wide with want. "How do you want it?"

Jack understood immediately and rolled over onto his stomach, pushing his pack under his hips to present his ass for Daniel's enjoyment - for both of their enjoyment. There were sounds of Daniel shifting behind him and then there was something smooth and hot pressed against Jack's sensitized hole. Daniel whispered something that could have been another "I love you" and pushed. Slowly Jack's opening spread around the welcome invasion of Daniel's cock until the head popped past the tight outer ring of muscle.

Jack felt like he was on fire, heat and yes, pain, radiating from the inch of Daniel's flesh inside of him. He wanted it to end, he wanted to stay connected to Daniel forever, he wanted…

"Jack," Daniel panted, breathless already, "let me in. Push."

Jack obeyed and immediately Daniel began to sink deeper, slow and as gentle as he could make it, though Jack could feel Daniel's tension in the trembling of his hands on Jack's hips.

An eternity of steady pressure and pleasurable burn later, Jack felt Daniel's balls coming to rest against his cheeks. The brush of Daniel's pubic hair feeling at least as intimate as the dick inside of him. Daniel stopped, hands gripping his hips tight enough to bruise, but before Jack could say anything, ruin the mood with the reminder of why marks would be a very bad idea, Daniel's grip loosened and he released a long shuddering breath.

"Good?" Daniel asked, voice shaky with a want that tore at Jack in the best possible way. He'd done that. He'd made Daniel half-gone with lust. And now Jack wanted him totally gone.

He pushed back hard in answer. "Move, Daniel," he commanded.

Daniel let out a long breath and obeyed, pulling out slowly before pushing back in in one smooth stroke. Jack moaned involuntarily. The pain was receding fast, but the pressure was incredible. Wonderful and so overwhelming that Jack could barely concentrate on anything else happening to his body.

Daniel shifted behind him, changing his angle on every stroke until...

"Holy… Daniel," Jack whisper-shouted.

"There it is," Daniel whispered back in triumph, thrusting against it again and again, making Jack bite back his cries for fear of waking the whole planet. "Jack, can you...?"

But Jack was beyond understanding what Daniel wanted, and he lost all desire to figure it out when one of Daniel's hand found it's way to Jack's groin. The feel and scent and sound of Daniel all around him sent Jack into sensory overload, and he came over Daniel's knuckles after only a few strokes. Daniel held him through his orgasm, gentling him down with a light touch on his cock and lighter nonsense whispered into the dark. Gradually, Jack became aware of Daniel still hard inside of him and he squeezed experimentally around Daniel's cock. Daniel's hand dropped away and he groaned.

Jack grinned wickedly. "Move, Daniel," he repeated. And would wonders never cease, for the second time that night, Daniel obeyed. Draping himself across Jack's back, no longer concerned with Jack's pleasure in the chase for his own, Daniel pounded into him. Jack's release had relaxed his muscles even further, easing Daniel's way as his thrusts grew slower and more erratic until he pushed in hard and held deep, his dick pulsing inside of Jack as Daniel chanted something that sounded vaguely like his name.

Jack was grateful when Daniel collapsed on top of him, allowing Jack's trembling legs to give out from under him. The change in position caused Daniel's softening cock to slide out and Jack winced at the sensation, but the feel of Daniel feathering breathless kisses to his shoulders soothed away the discomfort.

Daniel rolled them onto their sides later, panting and whispering soft nonsense in a multitude of languages Jack only half understood. Words of devotion and time and longing. Words of love and joy and understanding. And Jack mumbled back, sleep finally rising back up to claim him once more. "Love you too, Daniel, love you too."

The complete list of my Stargate fiction can be found here.

Date: 2010-10-12 05:01 pm (UTC)
paian: Daniel and Jack (jd b&w by winterfish)
From: [personal profile] paian
"Yes, Daniel, because I'm always more interested in words than action." -- lol

Sweet and hot. :-)

Date: 2010-10-13 06:16 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pinkdiamonds
I love offworld tent sex and this was so nicely done. Love Jack, who doesn't hesitate to love Daniel and give him just what he needs.



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