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I fully expect this list to be a constant work in progress. Feel free to drop your personal favorites in the comments and/or tell me how I could make this list more helpful for you. Almost exclusively Jack/Daniel slash, all exceptions noted.

*Last update: 3-23-10

Babs ([personal profile] babs_sg1)
Winner Take All. R. First time. A sequel to my story, Win/Win Situation. Jack and Daniel revealed a little more than they intended during an endurance contest, now they're dealing with what comes next. Very funny.

CK ([personal profile] brainofck)
Hunt and Peck R. First time. Jack rescues Daniel (and SG-11) from slavery. In the process, he says some things in an unexpected language. Then nothing happens. What the hell is Daniel supposed to do with that? Not a perfectly happily-ever-after ending but hopeful nonetheless. The last line in joyously beautiful.
Small tents R. Jack establishes the sleeping arrangements. Pre-slash. Jack cuddles in his sleep; Daniel deals with it. Angstier than the summary suggests but beautiful and sweet.

[personal profile] cofax7
Whiskey and Dust PG. Post-descension.
Jack and Daniel dealing with the loss and slow regain of Daniel's memories after Fallen/Homecoming. Very sweet and satisfying and the last two words make me all melty every time.

Latin For The Novice R. First time. After his months of looping, Jack puts his Latin skills to good use. Somethings are easier to say in another language. Funny and sweet.

[personal profile] fignewton - all recs are gen
Attitude of the Knife PG. A teamy gen fic with Jack, Sam and Daniel in a spot of trouble with some natives. Sam and Daniel are in full Wonder Twin glory while poor Jack is trying to figure out if they're being distracting on purpose or if they're just big nerds. As always, Teal'c may be the only sane one in the bunch.

[personal profile] green_grrl
Scarification NC-17. First time. Sometimes events remake you into someone else. If you're lucky, you won't be alone. Haunting and beautiful. Major angst but with as happy an ending as you hope for given the subject matter. This one will stick with you.

Kylie Lee ([personal profile] kylielee1000)
Minnesota NC-17. First time. Jack's in Daniel's arms, and although Daniel has an idea about what he'd like to do about it, he's not sure Jack does. Gorgeous character piece. Quiet and evocative.

[ profile] kuonji14
Barefoot and Pregnant R. Est. "If you're the maid, what am I? Your little girlfriend?" Jack and Daniel have a tiff. Wonderful exploration of gender roles and what it means to love another man.

[ profile] maraceles
The Circle Run PG-13. First time. Telepathy fic. Daniel is experimenting with a piece of Ancient technology that keeps giving him dreams of things that never happened. The alternate histories he discovers are joys unto themselves, but it's the hope for the real future that makes me love the story.

[personal profile] melayneseahawk
Every Kid Has to Have a Dog - Asgard Bearing Gifts R. First Time. kid!fic. Asgard cloning experiments present Daniel with a child that is genetically his and Jack's. Jack comes back to help out and feelings come to the surface. The only kid!fic in this fandom I've ever read. Domestic bliss abounds.
In His Kiss NC-17. First time. AU in which Daniel descends with all his memories, but no voice. In the silence, some things become clearer and others are misunderstood. My number one go-to feel-good story.

[personal profile] mornincamper
Snow, baby PG. First time. Half asleep and faced with a sweaty, muscle-y Jack, Daniel lets something slip.

[ profile] niamaea
Getting Closer PG. Pre-slash. Lost City fic. On the ship heading back to Earth, Jack's beyond the ability to speak but he tells Daniel something anyway. Short but lovely.

Paian ([personal profile] paian)
There's not a thing by this author you could read that wouldn't be genius.
Reaction Control Adult. First time. A hairsbreadth escape from a System Lord, a tel'tak damaged in a firefight, four SG-1 members, three functioning lifepods; Daniel won't let Jack sacrifice himself by staying behind, and Jack winds up crammed in a lifepod with Daniel. Gorgeously atmospheric, scorchingly hot, but with added tenderness and plot.
Rules of Evidence NC-17. First time. What happens in a tent offworld doesn't stay offworld. A first time that is both sudden and gradual. Daniel takes his time figuring out what Jack wants, but they get there in the end.

POG ([personal profile] princessofgeeks)
A Walk in the Snow NC-17. First time. Christmas schmoop, according to the princess - which is pretty much my favorite kind.

[personal profile] rivulet027
Distracting PG-13. Est. Drabble. Snow fun with Jack distracting Daniel. Written for me. :)

Sid ([personal profile] sid)
Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony PG. J/D Friendship/pre-slash. Jack and Daniel participate in a bonding ritual while off-world. Everything about this story is breathtakingly beautiful, from the language to the world building to the characterizations. You'll feel like you're in the room, in their heads, joyfully tense with anticipation. This story is friendship but the insights into their relationship and the potential therein are obviously and gorgeously rendered.
Tying up loose ribbons R. The slashy aftermath of Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony
*Customary R. Sha're/Daniel/Jack. What if Jack had stayed on Abydos after the movie? Beautiful build of each twosome as well as the threesome and the end will have you reaching for the tissues in the best possible way.

[ profile] sorcha_gaia
Trippingly, Off the Tongue NC-17. Est. Jack seduces Daniel - with language.

[personal profile] stagnation13
Joy PG. A drabble about everyday joy. Heart-warming and aptly named. Written for me. :)

[personal profile] starglyph
Couch: to put into words NC-17. First time. Recently descended Daniel is being wooed - with a couch.

Boxing Distraction R. The team runs into some tomb robbers off world and get shoved into a sarcophagus together.

[personal profile] tejas
Five times Sam and Daniel went out G. Five episode tags that highlight Sam and Daniel's friendship throughout most of the first 7 seasons. It's Jack/Daniel - really. Funny and a truly squee-worthy ending.

[personal profile] writinginct
Confirmation G. First time. Post Descension, Jack and Daniel are living in domestic bliss. Except they're not together, not until Jack's mouth gets ahead of his brain.

Penny For Your Thoughts R. First time. Telepathy fic. It can be hard to keep secrets when everyone around you is telepathic. Lots of team bonding and so, so funny.

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Date: 2010-03-03 10:02 pm (UTC)
paian: blank white (Default)
From: [personal profile] paian
Wonderful list, and wheeee, some things I haven't seen! Yummy reading ahead for me.

Thanks also for including some of mine, and for your incredibly kind words.

Date: 2010-03-03 10:26 pm (UTC)
princessofgeeks: (Default)
From: [personal profile] princessofgeeks
these are wonderful! and there are some i have not read. thanks for the linky. (fyi, paian's LJ under that new name is now f locked and she's not using it for fic.)

and thank you so much for reccing me! that made my day.


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