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The masterlist of all my fanfiction, organized by fandom, pairing, and series where applicable. I want to make my life easier when linking back to previous parts of other stories. And I flatter myself that anybody interested in my stuff will appreciate the easier navigation. It's a work in progress. Everyone is welcome and comments are love, even on older stories. Especially on older stories.

All my fic (I think) can be On AO3 or this list can also be found on LJ here with links to the LJ versions. For more great fic check out my Rec lists.

**If you want to podfic or translate any of my stories, go right ahead - no need to ask permission. Just please link back to the original story when you post your work, and let me know so I can go revel in whatever awesome thing you've done. Same goes for art or other creative or transformative works you might feel inspired to do. Just don't use my work for anything commercial, please!

denotes a story that someone has been kind enough to recommend.

House )

Power Rangers )

SG-1 )


Shelter )

Supernatural )

Other Fandoms: Without a Trace, BTVS, Dark Angel, etc )
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The round up of the many and varied things I was gifted with over the holiday season. Lots of fandoms and pairings represented here. Read, enjoy and feedback at will. I'm a lucky and blessed fangirl.

Untitled Hawaii 5-0 drabble - Gen by [personal profile] bluflamingo The team dresses as elves for Christmas. LOL funny. Don't drink anything while reading.

Snow Angels - SGA, John/Rodney chibi! - by [personal profile] chkc Exactly what the title implies. Cute as all her stuff is, check it all out.

Can't Mess With Tradition - SGA, John/Rodney drabble by [ profile] morganoconner John and Rodney get caught under the mistletoe. Sweet with great character voices. It's her first in the fandom and we can only hope she'll want to write more.

Comfort and Joy - SGA, John/Rodney by [ profile] hoktauri John and Rodney spend their first Christmas together in Vancouver. Lovely and hot. Realistic, sweet and domestic with a wonderful Madison.

The Impossible Gift - SGA, Lorne/Parrish, implied John/Rodney (Part 2) by [ profile] clwilson2006 Lorne's trying to get the perfect gift for Parrish. Sweet and tender - left me with a huge grin and the urge to hug everyone.

Black Flag- SGA, John/Rodney by [ profile] jade_1459 Previously recced, but now with the author revealed! Earth is never going to let Atlantis go home, so John takes matters into his own hands. It's serious and mildly angsty, but the ending is hopeful and the whole thing is moody and simply gorgeous.

He Who Laughs last (the Joke's on Us) - SPN, Jensen/Misha by [ profile] anoradh Also previously recced, but now with author reveal. Jensen and Misha think they’re pulling the mother of all pranks on Jared by pretending to be a couple, but they’re in way over their heads. OMG. What can I even say about this fic? It's completely awesome. It's funny and sweet and insightful and just perfect. I laughed so hard I cried and I smiled so big my face started to hurt. And it gave me that warm, heart clenching feeling in my chest that always accompanies my very favorite happy-place stories.

You Have Twelve New Messages - SPN, Dean/Cas by [ profile] misachan Apparently cell phones can be set on silent. Who knew? Certainly not Cas. It's a little funny and a little fluffy, but let me just copy my comment - I love Dean's desperation and Castiel's lonliness. They're both conveyed so beautifully and of course there's the promise - tender and beautiful - that they will always have each other.

Burnt Sugar - BtVS, Spike/Buffy by [ profile] ladyoneill A domestic holiday scene with Buffy trying (and failing) to make cookies. Cute and funny and very them, with hints of the team-as-family dynamic I like so much, even though the Scoobies aren't physically present.

I think that's all of them, but my memory is swiss cheese. If you wrote me something and I neglected to mention it - I'm so sorry. Please let me know so I can correct that immediately. Thank you again everyone. You make fandom, the internet, and life a happier place.
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Title: Anniversary
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Xander/Andrew
Rating: R for sexual content
Summary: On the anniversary of Anya's death, the boys start an accidental tradition that turns into something more.
Note: A big thank you to [ profile] ennui_blue_lite and [ profile] mireille719 for the betas. You were both invaluable. I've tinkered with it since, and all mistakes are my own.

On the morning after the first anniversary of Anya’s death, Xander woke up to the beat of a marching band playing in his head. )

The complete list of my fanfiction can be found here.
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My turn as guest host at [community profile] comment_fic is at an end. Anyone who gets a chance, I highly recommend it. Joy Day in particular resulted in tons of beautiful fics for me, and I haven't even read the other prompts yet.

So here's a roundup of the fics written from my prompts this week by fandom/pairing.

PR - Jack/Sky )

House - House/Wilson )

SG-1 - Jack/Daniel )

SGA - John/Rodney and Lorne/Parrish )

Buffy - Buffy/Spike and Xander/Andrew )

Torchwood )

And I have a few unanswered prompts as well, if anyone wants to give them a home.

SGA, John/Rodney, chocolate seduction
Buffy, Xander/Andrew, syrup
Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, wine and roses - Answered
House, House/Wilson, happiness isn't boring - Answered by [personal profile] chickloveslotr


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