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The masterlist of all my fanfiction, organized by fandom, pairing, and series where applicable. I want to make my life easier when linking back to previous parts of other stories. And I flatter myself that anybody interested in my stuff will appreciate the easier navigation. It's a work in progress. Everyone is welcome and comments are love, even on older stories. Especially on older stories.

All my fic (I think) can be On AO3 or this list can also be found on LJ here with links to the LJ versions. For more great fic check out my Rec lists.

**If you want to podfic or translate any of my stories, go right ahead - no need to ask permission. Just please link back to the original story when you post your work, and let me know so I can go revel in whatever awesome thing you've done. Same goes for art or other creative or transformative works you might feel inspired to do. Just don't use my work for anything commercial, please!

denotes a story that someone has been kind enough to recommend.


Bordersauce Communication Series (House/Wilson)
Worth A Thousand Words PG. Wilson finds an old photo and House's sentimental side. Recced here
Reciprocity PG. The more you say, the less people remember. - Francois Fenelon. House and Wilson's morning after.
Bordersauce Communication G. House buys Wilson dinner, so you know he's got an ulterior motive.
Wedding Negotiations PG. Now that he has an answer, House lays down some ground rules.
Best Man PG. House is marrying his best friend. Who's going to stand up with him?
Honeymoon Negotiations PG-13. Wilson wants a proper honeymoon. House just wants Wilson naked.
Party Plans PG. House arranges for Wilson to have a bachelor party
Holding out for a Hero R. Cuddy manages to seriously mess up House's bachelor party. Luckily, she knows what - or rather who - can fix it.
Committed PG. The main event is finally here.
Smores, the Doors, and Unwanted Dinner Guests PG. It's all the fun of camping from the comfort of your house.

To Heal a Heart G. Wilson's Heart tag. Wilson goes back to the hospital. (H/W friendship or preslash
Sharp Sorrow, Painful Regret PG. Wilson deals with the five stages of grief and makes his way back to House.
Nobody Lies NC-17. House is given a truth drug and discovers something about himself. Recced here
Sweet Dreams NC-17. House discovers a sleeping Wilson sporting an erection and muttering House's name
Ducks in a row Closet gen. G. The Ducklings land in a bit of trouble.
Long Term G. House/Wilson friendship or slash depending on your goggles. Comment fic response to [ profile] phinnia's first line meme. The first line comes from Sign of the Times (House/13)
Five times Wilson came back R for language and implied sex. House's world is always improved by Wilson's return.
Blame it on the Mistletoe PG-13. Any minute now, one of them would make a break for it, and Wilson would find himself in yet another accidental relationship.
Unexpected. PG. Est. Relationship. It's their first Valentines, and House doesn't like Wilson's plans for it. Or does he?
Romancing Dr. House. PG. Est. Sequel to Unexpected. Wilson begins his plan to romance House. House is not helpful. Recced here
Spaces. G. First time. When Cuddy takes over House's office, House does the only thing he can - he takes over Wilson's.
Front Row Seats NC-17. PWP. House is under Wilson's table at a bar when the ducklings (original flavor) show up.
Tidings of Comfort and Joy PG. Wilson has to rescue House. Again. And he's getting tired of playing second fiddle. “What would it take for me to be enough?”
The Good Stuff. Slight crossover with PRiS. House/Wilson and Andros/Zhane/Ashley implied. PG. House gives Zhane something to help Andros sleep. Wilson objects.

Power Rangers

Play Date G. Little Rocky's first date. Friendship fic. Preslash only if you fast forward a lot.
Where Love is Great PG. Rocky's POV during OAR , companion to The First Duty
The First Duty PG. Adam's POV during OAR, companion to Where Love is Great.

Jack/Sky: Most of my Jack/Sky stuff takes place in the same universe as canon as well as each other, so they are listed in the order I wrote them unless a specific event/situation implies a chronological placement.

Stormwatching G. Bridge tracks a storm through SPD. Recced here.
Connection PG. Jack's POV on Idol as he watches Sky and Dru.
The Talk PG. It's about time B-Squad had a conversation with it's squad leaders.
Inherent Dangers of Bonding G. Jack and Sky get a little carried away during team building.
Jello Shortage G. When SPD runs out of Jello, Jack has to persuade Sky to share.
Downtime G. Jack and Sky acting like children, annoying each other and their team in the process.
Dubious Advice NC-17. Jack finds some boxing advice he's happy to share with Sky.
Kith and Kin G. Jack meets Sky's mom.
Goal Setting PG-13. Sky finds Jack's list of life goals and helps him accomplish one.
Civilian G. Five things Jack misses about being a Power Ranger (and one he doesn't)
Worry G. Jack learns there are different levels of worry.
Ridin' in your Car PG. Songfic. Jack and Sky have a car fight and the Pointer Sisters help them make up.
State Dinners and Other Diplomatic Disasters PG. Jack's jealousy leads to near disaster and happily-ever-after
Surprise Shower (sequel to Diplomatic Disasters) PG. B-Squad parties in true B-Squad fashion.
Deserving Jack PG. Sky muses on how he ended up with Jack.
Dissuasion PG. Sky gets a call about a disturbance at his apartment. Who could be behind it?
The Way to a Man's Heart PG. Jack's attempt at food seduction goes horribly wrong.

Series (stories take place over the span of the series and still fit in same 'verse as my other stories)
Five times Jack woke up alone (and one time he didn't) R. The progression of Jack's relationship with Sky in five encounters.
Five times Sky changed (and one time he didn't) R. Five moments that define Sky and influenced his relationship with Jack.
You Can't Always Get What You Want PG-13. Jack pisses Sky off, except for how he doesn't.

Long Trip Alone (1/?) G. AU explaining how/why Dru and B-Squad ended up at SPD. Stands alone, although I haven't abandoned the concept yet.

Adam/Tommy - I'd like to note that the addition of this category can be blamed entirely on [personal profile] serpentine85
Better Safe than Sorry - MMPR - Tommy/Adam. PG. It's Jason's first visit home, and Adam is suddenly avoiding his boyfriend. Recced here.
Safety First - MMPR - Tommy/Adam. PG. Sequel to Better Safe than Sorry, Rocky helps Adam plan some revenge.
Homecomings - Post OAR - Tommy/Adam. PG. Adam comes home to Tommy.
No Secrets from the Sun PG. First time. ...he clung to the perfection of the night even as the night itself lost its battle with the sun.
Secrets and Lies. G. Are you two secretly dating or what?
C is for... PG. Adam wants to make cupcakes, Tommy wants to make a point.
The Life We Planned. T. Five times Tommy tried to surprise Adam, and one time he actually did.
First Date. PG. Adam shows Tommy how to make a bad first date perfect.
Mistletoe Monster G. Rocky's hanging mistletoe everywhere. Adam fears for the safety and sanity of the city. Tommy makes his move.
8 Unheard Messages G. Adam gets some enlightening messages in his voicemail when Tommy goes out for some liquid courage.

St. Patrick's Day SWAT - SPD - OT5. PG. Why is everything suddenly green?
One Question - SPD - A Squad - gen. G. Charlie asks Jack to reconsider his perspective.
Untitled puppy pile - SPD - gen. PG. Written for [ profile] starandrea's puppy pile matching meme
St. Patrick's Day Crack!fic - Zeo - gen. G. An experiment goes wrong for Adam.
Wake Up Calls - MMPR - Rocky/Adam/Aisha. PG-13. Rocky likes to sing to them in bed.
After Tutenhawken's Curse - DT - Conner/Kira. G. Episode tag drabble.
Resolutions MMPR/NS crossover. Dustin/Adam. PG. At a Ranger New Year's party, Adam wants to know what Dustin's resolution is going to be and takes a step toward fulfilling his own.
Miranoi is not an 80's sitcom LG. Leo/Kai. PG. Leo does some redecorating. Kai is incredibly *not* happy about it.
Pretty Princess LG. Leo/Kai. PG. Leo's prepared for his 'surprise' wedding shower - it's just too bad no one's arranged one yet.
The Good Stuff. PRiS. Crossover with House. House/Wilson and Andros/Zhane/Ashley implied. PG. House gives Zhane something to help Andros sleep. Wilson objects.
Bonding through Bondage SPD/DT crossover. Gen. G. Jack finds a stranger in Bridge and Sky's room.
The Man Who Has Everything NS. Gen. G. Dustin celebrates his birthday with his favorite things.
A Dangerous Gift. NS. Dustin/Hunter. PG. First time. Hunter gets some advice on how to snag Dustin.
Stuck Together (a Jam remix) DT. Kira/Connor/Trent/Ethan. PG-13. Remix of Jam by [personal profile] arytra. Connor and Trent help Kira and Ethan kiss and make up.
Other Side OAR. Gen. G. A conversation with Kira enriches Adam's perception on someone he thought he already knew well.
Happy Ending, New Beginning NS. Hunter Gen. G. Blake's going on the road with Factory Blue. It's the first time he and Hunter have ever been separated, and Hunter's feeling a little anxious about it.
Straight Forward Question. LG. Mike, Leo/Kai. G. Mike wants to know what's going on between Leo and Kai.

SG-1 (Jack/Daniel)

I'll Be Back. I Promise. Implied slash. G. An extension of the final scene in Abyss. Recced here.
Win/Win Situation First Time. NC-17. Teal'c, Jack and Daniel join a local endurance contest. Recced here and nominated for a 2008 Stargate Fan Award. \o/ Now with a sequel by [personal profile] babs_sg1!
Boys Will Be Boys First Time. PG. Jack teaches Daniel how to tell when a girl likes you.
Fireworks Established Relationship. R. Jack distracts Daniel from the show. Recced here.
Empirical Evidence First Time. NC-17. Jack needs to convince Daniel his drunken confession was sincere. Recced here.
Clues First time. G. All he had to do was finish his crossword and then he could leave without looking like he was pouting that someone else was playing with his toys.
Love and Marriage Established Relationship. G. A comment fic with background John/Rodney.
Five Ways Sam Found Out R. A prequel to Phoenix E's Something in Common. Written for a missing scene/epilogue challenge over at The Alpha Gate Recced here.
Untitled Comment fic PG-13. A comment sequel to [ profile] sidlj's Communication, a gorgeous little look into why Jack and Daniel were late to the Gateroom in Upgrades.
In which Sam uses every trick in her arsenal to play matchmaker PG. A holiday story inspired by the prompt Five pranks Sam pulled on Daniel but for which he blamed Jack. on [ profile] sg1_five_things
Holidays Suck R. Daniel is stuck off world for Christmas; Jack brings Christmas to him. Smut ensues.
Comment fic G. First time. One way Jack and Daniel might get around to telling each other how they feel.
Strip. PG-13. Est. Daniel wants Jack to do something for him.
Happy Anniversary, baby. R. Est. The morning of Daniel's anniversary is much better than his wedding morning.
Adoration NC-17. PWP. Daniel defines 'to adore' with more than just his words.
Deliverance, Red Light Style. PG. My hooker!Jack AU. Just a snippet really.
Memory of Trees PG. Post Fallen/Homecoming, Daniel's frustrated by a memory he knows holds something more significant than trees.
Relics PG-13. One of my responses to Five items of junk they got rid of the first time Daniel ascended was Avalanche ticket stubs. In the comments I told someone that I thought Daniel could probably find them in Jack's nightstand. Here's what happens when he does.
The Gesture G. First time. General Jack makes a major life change and a phone call back to Colorado.
General Lurking PG. Established. Daniel flies out to Washington to surprise Jack on his birthday.
Comfort G. Established. Double drabble. Daniel offers hidden comfort in a crowded room.
Some Roads (aren't meant to be traveled alone) R. Established and first time. Not all journeys are measured in miles. Daniel finds his way home.
Checkmates PG. John finds out more than he bargained for about General O'Neill during a game of chess. (Also John/Rodney)
Dreams of Another Life PG. Continuum related. Daniel appeals to alternate Jack on the sub.
Untitled Backyard Fic light R. Daniel wants a garden: Jack has a horrible, horrible sense of humor.
Night Moves NC-17. First time. In a shared tent offworld, Daniel makes a move.
Now Touch Me, Baby NC-17. PWP. Daniel has a thing for Jack's leather fingerless gloves.
Crash into Me PG-13. Established. A crash landing forces Daniel to accept a Tok'ra symbiote. Now Jack must figure out how to deal with the changes in his relationship.
Fortune Favors PG. Established. Daniel's tired and hungry and having a Jack-less birthday. Jack's got a couple of tricks up his sleeve to fix at least some of that.

T is for Team G. Written for [ profile] sg_fignewton's Jack's Alpha-Bits Soup
T is still for Team G. Written for [ profile] sg_fignewton's Gen Fic Day. A look at Jack's thoughts between seasons 8 and 9.
Five Jaffa Fairy Tales PG-13. Four tales told to Jaffa children.
Bedtime Stories G. When Sam's injured, Jack attempts to tell her a bedtime story with a moral. If only the rest of the team would stop being so helpful.
Grounded. G. Jack has some unique ideas about team building with a newly descended Daniel.
The Value of Truths Unspoken G. A One False Step tag. Jack and Daniel need to make things right between them.
Understanding G. Daniel and Teal'c friendship. Five times Teal'c and Daniel understood one another, and one time they didn't.
I is for Inventive G. For Team Alphabet Soup. SG-1 keeps the base and themselves entertained during a lockdown.
Misfortune of the Irish PG. Five reasons Jack hates St Patrick's Day plus one reason Sam doesn't.

Five Things Fics
This is only a sampling - check the five things tag for the complete list
Five things Daniel wants to do before he dies (for good) (Jack/Daniel)
Five things only Harry Maybourne knows about the members of SG-1 (x's 2) (gen)
Five things a member of SG-1 revealed to his/her teammate(s) around a campfire off-world (J/D, Sam/Teal'c)
Five times aliens didn't make them do it Rated R.(Jack/Daniel, implied Sam/Teal'c)
Five ways Daniel ends up in prison G. (gen) Recced here
Five reasons Ascended Daniel didn't appear to Sam G. (gen) Recced here.
Five excuses Hammond pretended to believe when Jack and Daniel both showed up late, but only seconds apart PG. Jack/Daniel
Five Letters Jack wrote but never sent R. Jack/Daniel

A Taste Daniel/Sam/(Jack) NC-17. Jack walks into something unexpected when he goes to collect Sam from her lab.


Love and Marriage Slash. Established Relationship. G. A Jack/Daniel comment fic with background John/Rodney.
Five private places on Atlantis McKay has found to make out (with whomever). PG. John/Rodney.
More than Words G. John/Rodney. When Rodney loses his voice, John fills the silence.
Expectation G. Every so often, reality is better than John's expectations.
John's Hair Issues NC-17. Est. John doesn't like head scritches, Rodney does. The happy little noises Rodney makes as John massages his scalp with slow thoroughness are utterly, intimately familiar.
Coffee, chocolate or me? (Moral dilemmas in the Pegasus Galaxy) R. Est. Rodney's big mouth gets John into trouble, and then back out of it.
Five times John left Rodney speechless PG. Does what it says on the label.
Dogged PG-13. Established. Rodney accidentally ends up with a dog. Unfortunately, Atlantis isn't exactly pet friendly. John's helps in his special John-way.
The Science of Courtship NC-17. First time. When DADT is repealed John and Rodney get their wires crossed as to what the other wants. I was thinking a…uh…demonstration of some kind might be in order.
Checkmates PG. John finds out more than he bargained for about General O'Neill during a game of chess. (Also Jack/Daniel)
Blue PG. Rodney over-reacts (just a little) when he finds out about John's past secondhand. His simple get-to-know you questions lead to a big truth.
Learning Curve PG. Five times Rodney said, "I'm the stupidest man in two galaxies."
Ahead of the Game PG-13. Established. For the 2010 [community profile] mcshep_match. Surprising a genius is nearly impossible, but sometimes the genius outsmarts himself.
Lovely Constellation PG. Established. John and Rodney tease and banter as John tries to convince Rodney to come watch a meteor shower with him.
No touching PG. Established. Comment fic. Dialogue only
Not Just the Mechanics of the Thing NC-17. Established. Rodney surprises John with a new toy, but John's not sure how he feels about it.
QED PG. Pre-slash. John is stuck in the transporter with Keller. Keller tries to pass the time with games. John works on being less of a jerk. Rodney's just trying to get John out.
Can't You See PG. First time. SG-1 visits Atlantis, and John is decidedly not pleased with the friendship Daniel's trying to strike up with Rodney.
Puppy Love PG. First time. John's wearing a ridiculous mistletoe hat and following Rodney around Atlantis.
Unspoken PG. Established. John may be the injured one but Rodney's got a hurt of his own.
Comfort Zone PG. First time. A nightmare has John reaching out for comfort. To his surprise, Rodney reaches back.

Storytelling. PG. Established. Lorne is bored on a plant-watching mission. Parrish tells him a story that's about more than just local plant lore.
Coming Together is a Beginning. PG-13. First time. The story of how Parrish ended up on Lorne's team and in his life.
10,000 Mile High Club. PG-13. Established. Lorne and Parrish are stranded in a jumper. :>
Operation Perfect Gift. G. Established. Lorne and Parrish shop for a present for their bosses and discuss the meaning of being a family.

The Care and Feeding of Marines G. Sheppard finds out how Lorne keeps the Marines occupied. Recced here by [ profile] asugar, and here by [ profile] blue_meridian. Thank you so much.
Team Night Aftermath G. John wakes up on the couch and discovers his team looking cozy on the floor.
Lessons from the Playground. G. John backstory. John’s love of flight was born at the age of four


Love Makes a Family G. Shaun's first classroom party solo gives him a case of the nerves and Zach hope for their future.
A Forever Thing Teen. Zach knows his family is forever - maybe he wants eveyone else to know it too.
Gifts G. Cody and Shaun discuss Valentine's gifts.
In Sickness PG. Zach's Valentine's plans are interrupted by the flu.
You Should Never Be Lonely PG. Cody wants to know why Zach sleeps with Shaun.
Official G. Shaun, Zach, and Cody make their family official.
What are you doing New Year's Eve? G. What you are doing at midnight on New Year's eve sets the tone for the rest of the year
Dementor Dreams G. Shaun tries to smooth over a nightmare that's really a memory.


Call me Home PG. First time. Cas uses Lisa's magnetic poetry to communicate with Dean.
Guest List G. Established. Comment fic. Cas wants to invite all of his siblings to the wedding. Dean objects.
Comment fic G. Pre-slash. Comment fic. Dean is dismayed to find that Castiel has a new pet ... a baby dragon
"Dean, this is reckless even for you." R. Established. Comment fic. Dialogue only
Home for the Holidays PG. Established. Some days Dean is just full of surprises.
Aspect of Illusion. PG-13. Background established. Castiel wakes up in a hospital where everyone calls him Jimmy, they've never heard of the Winchesters, and the doctor is trying to 'cure' him of his angelic delusion.
What the World Calls Romance PG. Dean can be romantic, if romance is what Cas needs.
The White Dove Teen. First time. A Dean/Cas retelling of the fairy tale The White Dove in which Castiel is a prince traded to a demon to save his brothers, Dean is a Hunter trapped in the shape of a dove, and a little more than True Love's Kiss is required to save them both.
Catch Me a Catch PG. Sam/Gabriel first time, Dean/Cas established. Sam and Gabriel need Cas to stop playing matchmaker, so they pretend to be together.
Bring it on Home NC-17. Dean/Cas and Sam/Gabriel. First time. When John sells his sons to Heaven in exchange for the Colt, Dean and Sam find themselves separated from each other and in the care of two very different angels. Dean and Cas work together to find out why Heaven wants Sam and how they can reunite the brothers - all the while growing closer every day. Meanwhile Sam should hate Gabriel and his endless string of conquests, but Gabriel's twisted sense of humor and attractive smile inspire something much more complicated.
Gifts of the Season G. First time. Sam helps Dean pick out Cas's Christmas presents. Then he helps Cas as well. Yeah, he's pretty much the best brother ever.
Cleansing Kisses G. First time. Dean is caught under some supernatural mistletoe, but Cas knows how to fix it.
Christmas on the Couch G. Established. Christmas Eve at the Winchester house includes teasing, cocoa and last minute preparations. All of which Dean accomplishes from the comfort of his couch.
A Love Thing G. First time. When you're in love with your best friend you're bound to get your heartbroken once or twice, but sometimes it's all worth it.
Spoken For G. Pre-slash. So, apparently, the Enochian on Dean's ribs doesn't say exactly what he thinks it does.
Mutual Understanding G. Dean surprises himself by kissing Cas goodbye and has to figure out what it means.

Angel of Revelation G. Sam/Gabriel. Established. Sam requests a last kiss, but he doesn't want it from Lucifer.

A Winchester Night Before Christmas G. Gen. A Christmas with Bobby and the wee!chesters

A Single Word
- Without a Trace - Martin/Sam. G. Late at night, Jack makes a phone call.
Anniversary - BTVS - Xander/Andrew. R. First time. Xander and Andrew fall into an accidental tradition that turns to something more.
Silence is Golden - Dark Angel - Max/Alec. PG-13. "Would you please just stop talking for a second?"
Beautiful Morning - Dawson's Creek - Pacey/Joey - G. it's hard to appreciate the sunrise when you're awake because your baby won't sleep.
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